What was your favourite YTMND?

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Man I missed all of these.

The only one I remember seeing is the blue ball machine one. We would blast that in the labs for hours before we had a test.

It really was the worst study music.


The Most Dangerous Yes Man
"The cavalcade of tiny titles that will be nice but won't stir up any sales"

Love how that guy pronounces that that line.

The concept is so good.

PS3 corn theme needs this.

That was kinda cute.

I think I remember this one. Still good.

This is one of the most disturbing ones on there. Certainly. :p

What's the song?


This is definitely one of the GOATs


rip uncle phil
Generated goodness.

I had a full bookmarks list of this back in the day. They are... products of their time. Don't expect political correctness. Here's some:

Uncut Oh
Final Fantasy delay
Bill O'Reilly gives his opinion

What can Brown do for you?

And the dramatic readings:
You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons

As I go through the old bookmarks, it's weird to see what's still online and what isn't.
They should update that to Final Fantasy VX.

The O'Reilly one is awesome.

The touch one is bizarre.

I love it when salty appears in old material.

By the way, Amir0x's YTMND is number 2 in the most watched YTMND's today, behind the Picard song. We did it GAF!
or something
Gaf, we did it!
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