When character creation goes wrong!


BioShock Infinite is like playing some homeless guy's vivid imagination
Post some of your favorite examples of crazy, hideous, or just plain hilarious created characters/faces!

Here's one I stumbled upon on another forum:

Chawncy. :lol
In Fight Night for XBOX we made a character who had a huge chunk of hair missing (broken sprite in the game I think), and we just laughed so hard at his bald spot everytime we used him.
Oh man, I wish I took pics of all of the messed up Demon's Souls character that I made - I mean, the game has a freaking slider bar for how much Male or Female you want to be, haha! The funny thing is that Male makes the character redder in color with smaller eyes and Female makes the character bluer with bigger, brighter eyes. Makes no sense.
DidntKnowJack said:
Heh. I love this one.

This needs to be someone's avatar.

There was some boxing game for Sega Genesis, forgot the name, where you could create a custom boxer. They even let you pick any skin color, so they could be blue, green, red etc. I thought that was crazy as a kid and made a red guy named Knuckles.