When character creation goes wrong!

Taking into account how much fun I usually have with character creators, I'm soooooo buying SRThird as soon as it gets a price drop in Steam
Sorry for bumping, but I just created ME2 fanvideo with Shepard dances, and some people said few pages back that my Shepard is looking cool lol xD


Hope you guys enjoy it.
The thread is brilliant, definitely needs more contributions.
Wow, everytime i see this is a joy, this time i want to congratulate with you, amazing work. He's not horrible but cool, original, awesome, and remember me a guy in the gym all muscles but half brain! :)
This thread . . .

I started reading and was torn whether to keep going or not. Some of these crack me up, but some things are better left unseen (seriously some of y'all are sick and twisted people XD )
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Bumping this thread (linked today from the 'smug faces' thread in Off-topic) for two reasons:

1) The thread chases a timeless endeavour and I want to see more original monstrosities. Plus I just read through it all again and laughed a lot. Maybe you will too.

2) Griffin and Justin McElroy are trying to get a video series called Monster Factory off the ground, where they explore the darkest possibilities of various videogame character creators. Pretty funny.
Ep 1- Randomly generating horrifying faces in Dark Souls 2
Ep 2- Exploring Skyrim with Garfield