Why is the skin on a dick darker than the rest of the body?

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And it's not even consistent between men either. With some it's just slightly darker with others it's several shades darker. And if he's cut it's even got a band of different colored skin close to the head of the penis.

Is it because it grows? Stretches? I've had some conversations about this and haven't heard a solid consensus.

If this is an incredibly dumb inquiry I apologize.
I'm only intimately involved with one dick, and I don't want to go into how it's set up there, but maybe it's because the skin is sort of shriveled, so the pigments are closer together, resulting in an overall darker tone?
The genital region (in both males and females) contains the most melanocytes per square inch than any other part of the body. Melanocytes are the pigment producing cells in the body. More pigment = darker color.

Edit: Somebody brought up the fact that the genitals are highly vascularized, which may be the reason why the genitals are darker in color. Or it may be a combination of the two.

Heres a source for my initial statement (thanks to NotKumar): http://www.dermtext.com/common/showimage.cfm?type=s&ThisFigFile=/suppfiles/Chapter65.pdf
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From what I've heard, there's just more pigment on the penis than most other parts of the body, for no particular evolutionary reason. I believe it's an ethnic trait, though, so that's... something?
Another goddamn penis thread..
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The scientific reason is actually that men's palms are the same color as the rest of their skin before puberty. Afterwards, though extensive and rigorous ambidextrous masturbation the palm skin actually burns onto the shaft permanently creating the darker color. Medical Science 101.
Interesting topic of discussion devo. I'm not sure I can give you an answer that will satisfy your dirty sausage curiosity.

I think it gets a little lighter as the skin stretches. *points at penis diagram*
I find it's the same with women too. Guess it's more of a general genitalia thing rather than only a dick thing.

Im consistent as a mofo though.
I don't know why either. When I was in middle school a girl asked to see my nipples and then said that's what color my dick was. I don't know if there's a correlation between nipple color and dick color and I don't know how she knew about that and I didn't but yea there's another tidbit of knowledge if true.
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