Wii U bricks if you shut down during software update process

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Otoh. What if power goes out in the house?

This shouldn't happen.

Dont you only lose game saves on current consoles if this happened?
Updating Software is different from updating OS.
That's why updating a BIOS is the kind of thing you do on a sunny day, on a battery back up.
One wrong move and its dead. You have to flash it back into existence.


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HOLY SHIT - 5GB ??!! that can't be true right???

- the idea that Nintendo launched a console with a 5gb patch is NUTSO. I remember a time when people freaked out over 1st day small patches for games, let alone a console.

Imagine the excitement on Christmas day....only to be drowned out by a 3 hour patch.

This would mean they didn't finish in time but knew they had to get the hardware out for the holiday season. wow...
In theory you should be able to brick anything writing to the firmware.

The notable part here would be that it's a two hour process, so the odds of something going wrong is much higher than like a five minute upgrade.
The download+install are probably in one progress bar. If you turn it off during the download nothing should happen. Dude on twitter didn't say (and probably doesnt know) during what stage he unplugged it.


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The jokes on you! :D

I did not buy the Wii-U because there was no Zelda.
Rule #1 of system launches in next gen

No day 1 3GB+ software updates. Someone is gonna shut it off and try again because the shit takes hours to download.

Your move, Nintendo.
Who the fuck turns off their console or unplugs it during an update?

I get paranoid as hell about any of my consoles when they are in the middle of a long save or update. Making such a huge update a day one thing is bound to bite some impatient people in the ass though.
I would say they should have a recovery partition to prevent borked installs but with 8GB you can't really hold two versions simultaneously.
Is there anyway to download this on the computer and use a USB to install it like PS3. Cause there is no way I am waiting hours on my first day with the Wii U for that shit to download.
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