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Wii U Speculation thread IV: Photoshop rumors and image memes

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Dec 5, 2008
Valley Stream, NY
Just for completeness, sorry for bumping after V started. In case anybody needs to tell somebody what happened in this thread, you can now link to this post:

Thread IV Summary:

Star Wars Quotes

Nintendo decides to not present at Gamescom

Speculation that maybe the new sensor bar contains a camera

Miyamoto interviewed, says he'd like to do F-Zero for Wii U

Retro hiring "a guy who worked as an Environment Artist and Level Designer for 3D Realms (RAGE)"

IdeaMan's stuff:

#1764, Capcom Hiring for Next-Gen MT Framework Refresh in 2013

#1767, "I bet we're gonna see Wuhu Island on Wii U launch day."

#1793, Reminder Shigeru Miyamoto confirms ‘Pikmin 3′ as a Wii U title (describes as "almost finished")

#1962, Nintendo refers to a "Scheduled Wii Entertainment System Information Release" on the 26th (the

#??? (2012-04-13), Medal of Honor Warfighter reported to be coming to Wii U by Austrian newspaper Der Standard. Many sites link to this, but the actual article does not mention the Wii U

#2789, eShop discussion

#2803, "Universal Remote Controller" Wii U patent

#2842, "Some WiiU talk, considering price (manufacturing cost rumor), Darksider dev saying there are limitations/challenges when working on WiiU", "http://www.gametrailers.com/video/episode-204-invisible-walls/729198"

#2878, "IBM is expected to provide guidance for Fiscal year 2012, and in that there should be at least a mention of Wii U. While the amount of Wii U processors that are going to be shipped by year end surely doesn't account for any larger segment of IBM's business, it is certainly something special and something that doesn't occur too frequently. The 50 millionth processor for Wii was shipped in March of 2009, which then would have equaled an average of 1 724 137 processors shipped a month."

#3164, link for Universal Remote patent

#3192, IdeaMan's note about cpu instruction extensions and cache latencies

#3457, Singulus Technologies: "The launch of Wii U will provide a significant boost to BD-ROM production activity"

#3500, discussion on the merits of including Blu-ray playback

#3514, "nicalis & 8-bit are co-dev' a game for 3DS & Wii U to be released this year. The 3DS version is already playable."

#3560, InPhase (Nintendo partner regarding holographic storage) restructuring

#3591, 1001 Spikes coming to the eShop + [Wii U store] (followup to nicalis/8-bit)

#3601, interview with Havok about Wii U deal

#3821, Rumour: Square Enix may have worked some sort of deal with Nintendo to share a character that hasn't been seen in a long time for a game project

#3874, Repost of the 01net rumour (accurate controller details, custom 3-core cpu, AMD gpu "probably" derived from R700 series, one other huge surprise)

#4039, Nicalis - "Wii U is by far the most powerful console that Nintendo has ever made

#4204, Miyamoto interview, "Nintendo will show a new Super Mario game for the Wii U in the E3"

#4275, Project Cars is planned to release on ... the Wii U

#4441, Trine 2 on Wii U a possibility

#4482, Nintendo confirms Wii U Mario game

#4659, Pikmin 3 confirmed by Nintendo Rep to be at E3

#4803, "Wii U: Nintendo will do just fine" -some analyst

#4826, Zavvi possibly leaks Nov-16 European launch date

#4915, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced not coming to Wii U, developer massively pissed at Nintendo's treatment of them during their attempt at a WiiWare title.

#5137, faked slides from Nintendo, good for the laffs

#5282, Tony Hawk namedrops Wii U as possible future platform for series

#5289, Original Space Quest creators form new adventure game studio

#5372, Sanshin Electronics seems to provide the RFID development kits for the Wii U. The kits are designated WUT-002 and WUT-003

#5419, a list of all known FCC codes for Wii U components

#5424, Star Trek game asked about Wii U, essentially no comment

#5478, Explicit confirmation of "Super Mario 4" game by Miyamoto

#5481, hiphop gamer interview Re: Darksiders II, wherein dev claims (~8:00) that 'Wii U is next gen hardware'

#5712, emulation-related patent

#5723, picture from aforementioned patent

#6200, Paul Gale on upcoming Wii U/3DS "crowd pleaser"

#6204, JinXing Digital S7100 android tablet, rips off Wii U DRC form factor, Playstation dpad-style, somehow emulates N64 without having enough buttons

#6208, A source suggesting console release several weeks earlier than November 28

#6217, Interview with Skylanders producer, is vaguely open to Wii U development

#6282, Wii U likely to have dedicated YouTube app

#6320, Wii U mock-up website discovered

#6597, IdeaMan: not powerful enough to render to TV and two DRCs at max settings

#7118, Interesting idea on the DRC camera allowing the system to dynamically increasing render resources to the screen you're actively looking at (expanded at #7329)

#7366, Shadowrun Returns not going to Wii U (or any consoles)

#7518, terrible budget dev Funbox Media listed as Wii U developer for E3

#7608, Nintendo registers "Voice Forum" and "Step Forum"

#7660, Sledgehammer Games CEO asked about Wii U and other upcoming consoles, answers generally but enthusiastically

#7813, Nintendo Direct announced for ~Midnight of April 21st

#8028, Wii U uses Wii's USB-Ethernet adaptor for profiling according audio middleware provider

#8035, audio middleware source clarified; also, "Wii U basic software pipeline… comparable to XBox performances (sometimes better!)"

#8164, analysis of warioworld.com traffic (conspicuous peak in April '11)

#8187, "consider [DRC camera face tracking] an official feature that will be present on the Wii U"

#8580, Shane Satterfield (Gametrailers editor-in-chief) claims Wii U launch lineup will be a very positive surprise (specific quote in #8697)

#8592, 3DS will shortly support patches, DLC and folders, so (by assumption) Wii U should have these features more or less out of the box

#8928, IdeaMan notes that third party devs are not aware of a Nintendo-branded hard drive as of mid-April

#8969, Plantronics (headset company) hiring for possible Wii U peripheral development

#9423, IBM Slashes Some Power7 Processor Prices

#9668, Spain/Nintendo/GAF discovered

#9839, Lucas Arts Wii U MMO listed on E3 2012 floor plan

#10059, Interview with Gaijin Games's Alex Neuse: "I'd like to let you know that we have a Wii U devkit, and while I can't confirm anything at this time, I am winking at you while I write this and shooting you two thumbs up. We are trying our hardest to get a Wii U version together."

#10069, Interview with Senile Team: "That doesn't mean we would never use any of the Wii U's … unique features, but we would probably only use them as an addition to more conservative gameplay mechanics, not as a replacement. We find that the latter tends to make games feel crippled."

#10072: Interview with Telltale Games: "We’re not working on [Wii U downloadable game dev] currently, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t do it. It seems like it would be a nice opportunity, so we’ve just gotta kind of watch that a little closer. Getting involved with a launch platform involves a lot, so we’re in the process of figuring that out with Nintendo.

#10140: Interview with Ghost Recon Online devs, no comment on Wii U support

#10141: interview with insane analyst

#10387: Role-Playing > Wii U > Deep Silver (listed on E3 floor map)

#10533: Nintendo Power teaser outline of what appears to be an overhead view of a city. Text: "Don't miss it or you'll rue your fate, comrade."

#10555: IdeaMan: As of the January/February time frame, several of the features demonstrated in the 2011 E3 N-Conf were not available to developers

#10696: IdeaMan: Reiteration that memory will not be 1GB. Furthermore, memory available for games (ie, memory not reserved by OS) will be at least 1GB

#10958: Interview with CoD BlOps2 devs, no comment on Wii U support

#10961: Minor Green Hills compiler version change breaks library compatibility on devkits (unusual situation, should only happen in a major revision).

#11241: Comparison in gpu features of bird demo between N-Conf and floor show

#11293: Nintendo registers new domains, including "fireemblemawakening.com"

#11354: NintendoAllAccess.com registered

#11477: Interview with Crytek's Director of Creative Development, says there's "not a fat chance" of Crysis 3 on Wii U

#11483: Skype on Wii U (speculation)

#11563: IdeaMan: "To be clear: IF Crysis 3 doesn't come to Wii U, it's not AT ALL because of a hardware reason, from what i know, the system can run the latest CryEngine optimally. At 720p, but optimally."

#11580: IdeaMan: "Son of the Dragon project may come to Wii U ?"

#11608: Interview with Zen Studios, re: pinball games on Wii U

#11935: Original "Wii" logo is color #99999, "Wii" in Wii U logo is #8b8b8b

#12169: OXM claims TimeSplitters 4 seen in the wild! :O :O :O :O :O

#12251: Ubisoft's Innergy (biometric feedback title) finally completed

#12315: Nintendoom article from analysts

#12525: Warren Spector praises Nintendo over its philosophies and talks keeping budgets within reasonable levels

#12585: Sakurai talks about Smash Bros Wii U / 3DS

#12794: Nintendo posts quarterly earnings

#12819: End of CY2012 Wii U release window confirmed

#12822: Forecasts of retail products include future digitally distributed retail products

#12838: Combined Wii+Wii U shipments for FY2013… h/w 10.5m, s/w 70m

#12949: Revised Wii tie ratio (8.54), speculation: Wii U at same point should be higher

#12972: Graphs of home and portable Nintendo s/w unit sales since 1998, hack-analysis of current transitional period

#12976: Rayman Legends "nearly sure to come to Wii U"

#12993: rumors of Android on Wii U, qualified as "not very likely"

#13030: 2K Sports Software Engineer lists Wii U as a company development platform

#13066: New Dragon Quest X trailer (no Wii U footage, though)

#13154: Nintendo Investor Meeting slated for 8pm EST ("http://twitter.com/#!/gibbogame")

#13557: Confirmed 2012 launch in Japan, US, Europe, Oz; no pricing at E3 (normal for Nintendo systems)

#13652: Digital downloads of retail titles (still sold through retailers)

#13575: Keeping mum on main system seller for competitive reasons, but it won't be based on existing Wii [BLANK] games

#13580: Focus on social game play

#13586: Iwata, "You will strongly feel the changes in the thoughts of third-party software developers, overseas developers in particular, for the better."

#13800: Rayman Legends Wii U trailer leaked

#13812: Wii U DRC appears identical in Rayman trailer compared to in E3 2011

#13843: Mystery dark oval resembling Wii Remote IR camera now on DRC?

#13859: Ideaman, "This is NOT the final & definitive controller. The one used in this trailer isn't the 'updated' model."

#14026: cvg mistakes devkit DRC connector for sign that controller won't be wireless

#14055: giflet from Rayman trailer showing NFC in action

#14143: Info recap: "four confirmed Ubisoft titles… Assassin's Creed III… Killer Freaks from Outer Space… Ghost Recon Online… Rayman Legends"

#14221: Miyamoto interview from the Guardian

#14406: Project CARS - Wii U-specific details

#14430: Project CARS leaked document screenshots

#14538: ShockingAlberto, "I do know that laid off employees from [Silicon Knights] were asked to sign NDAs about the project they were working on prior to termination. It does not seem like SK's usual partners would be that paranoid."

#14584: Wireless version of Wii U devkit won't be available until June?

#14601: wsippel, "The latest pad (product id DK-DEV-V5) is wireless. Also looks like Nintendo uses Ni-Fi for the controller now (2.4 or 5GHz), so range shouldn't be limited to a single room - possibly not even just a single floor." ← note that this is partly speculative but based on good info

#14649: "Aliens: Colonial Marines" developer on the Wii U, "I don’t think we would be bringing the game to a system that would be inferior to current gen. (HD) systems.”

#14696: Additional alleged CARS control info

#15050: Wii U CPU is designed for clock speeds ranging from 1 to 4GHz (just the cpu base spec, not the Wii U spec)

#15100: Mystery black patch resembling IR camera is "Just a Sticker" -Nintendolife.com

#15121: IR camera is on the DRC but in a different place (photo shown at #15236) ← note: still could be something else, like IR transmitter for being a universal TV remote or whatnot

#15154: StreetPass to be available for Wii U thanks to a small pocket device ?

#15391: Monolith Wii U project - Update

#16016: French website Livegen claims Frontier (LostWinds, Kinectimals) working on Wii U project

#16042: According to annual investor Q&A, large games (10GB+) present an issue for Nintendo's digital retail download option. Google Translate caused initial (oh no, no ≥10GB downloads allowed!) confusion, but #16051 and #16054 clarify the point that it is merely raised as a concern. Overnight downloads are suggested as an option

#16066: Short list of pre-E3 events which might provide some Wii U news

#16605: "Retail customers will also be able to buy prepaid download cards for games at brick and mortar stores. Retailers will be able to set whatever price they want on those cards, a move aimed at eliminating fears that Nintendo's control of the digital store would result in higher prices."

#16694: Sonic All Stars Racing likely to go to Wii ("I… couldn't possibly tell you. But I agree with you, wouldn't it be a great idea to get this onto a platform like the Wii U!")

#16821: Clarification from Nicalis: "Wii U's [capabilities] are more than sufficient for five to ten years. We're not making AAA games or using a crazy insane 3D engine, but the Wii U can definitely do both."

#16840: discussion of additional middleware Autodesk advertises for Wii U (Scaleform)

#17042: Nintendo has confirmed to IGN that it plans to support both third and first party content for its new digital initiative.

#17287: yet another U/Android rumour

#17303: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/events/120427qa/index.html ← English version of Investor Q&A uploaded

#17410: further Röstinfo on the Wii U trademark issue, regarding a possibility for amicable mediation by June

#17417: interview from Akaoni studios: "I talked with developers in Japan that are already working with it, and everyone says it's full of surprises that will surprise people much more than what at first seems."

#17186: Walmart google advert lists $349 for Wii U

#17468: Iwata goes into further details on Nintendo's shift back in the direction of "those who play games as their hobby".

#17615: Nintendo Presentation @ E3 2012 ; Tuesday, June 5, 2012 ; 9am

#17831: Trent Oster interview, much less inciteful and much more insightful than his slightly infamous twitter remarks

#18537: Treyarch boss essentially spills Wii U CoD

#18605: Something about it being actionable for devs to take apart dev kits

#18617: Known member of press on NeoGAF: "Satterfield was right. I am officially excite! As of an hour ago."

#18701: …Ohhhhhh, now I get it! </fry>

#18805: Unconfirmed possible Google employee allegedly in-the-know waxing positive (if vaguely) about the Wii U OS layer (oh, fine… partly confirmed at #18872)

#18993: Really nice summary of Nintendo's former "Nintendo ES" operating system project and how the lead programmer went from Nintendo to Google, and ES is currently co-copyrighted by Nintendo and Google.

#19130: Nintendo patent showing charging dock for DRC

#19434: An interview of Renegade Kid with a little tidbit about the Wii U (they know nothing)

#19466: Wii U SDK has been upgraded to v2.04 in the past few days (up from March/April's v2.03)


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Feb 21, 2012
wow, i posted a lot of things, i'm amazed myself °__°

amazed = surprised by the amount of time i managed to free to participate here
Feb 21, 2007
I think something from THQ is pretty much guaranteed. Darksiders 2 is coming, Metro: Last Light seems to be coming, and obviously Homefront 2 is coming. THQ is banking on massive Wii U support, latching on to new system hype, to help dig them out of their financial hole. Makes sense, so yeah. Given THQ's backing of the system, and Nintendo's promotion of third party titles, I'd put money on something THQ related showing up.

That doesn't mean it will be exclusive, timed or otherwise, or even have exclusive content though. Could simply be a multiplatform title demonstrating the value the pad can add to a game found everywhere else, or the first 'reveal' of a new game (eg: Homefront 2).

Either way, I bet they'll be there.

Dunno. Metro isn't a big franchise I predict Last Light will sell like ass. Cytek's Call of Duty clone seems like the right class of silly Nintendo would want at their conference. Crytek and CryEngine 3 are much bigger names than 4A Games.
All this brings back memories of when Reggie announced the support of the 3DS at E3 2010, and when he mentioned THQ and Saints Row, the audience laughed. And not surprisingly, Saints Row has yet to come out for the 3DS haha


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May 3, 2008
All this brings back memories of when Reggie announced the support of the 3DS at E3 2010, and when he mentioned THQ and Saints Row, the audience laughed. And not surprisingly, Saints Row has yet to come out for the 3DS haha
It was actually Iwata (I know, nitpicking details there), and that game was cancelled for all platforms.
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