Wii U Watch_Dogs canceled? GS Italy says so; Ubisoft no comment; back on gamestop.it

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Jun 13, 2013
According to a random Italian blog, Gamestop Italy is telling customers that the WiiU version of the game is no more.

Normally, I wouldn't pay any heed, but going to the WiiU section of their site, the tag description for Watch_Dogs WiiU says Cancellato. (Though it could just be for the Special Edition?)

Nintendo is still promoting the game, and has shown it in recent Directs and even Nintendo France has said it was one of their big games for 2014. So hopefully Ubisoft can clear this up soon.


Mod Edit: CVG reached out to Ubisoft, who responded with "We have nothing to comment at the moment". They've chosen to run it was "Rumour: Wii U version scrapped" which I think may be getting ahead of itself a little bit, but probably worth adding as a bit of secondary evidence to consider.


Mod Edit: The game has re-appeared on GameStop.it with an earlier, February release date. No additional confirmation or changes from retail sources or clarification from Ubisoft.
Feb 18, 2013
From Wii Italia

Translated from Italian:
The rumor comes from one of our readers, and has been unofficially by Italian GameStop stores. Last week, our reader received a call by a GameStop employee, saying that his previously preordered copy of Watch Dogs for Wii U was not going to be offered; therefore, our reader was advised to move the preorder to another game. Asking for reasons, the employee told him that Ubisoft scrapped this version.

Some days later, he went to another GameStop, in order to preorder again the game; even in this case, he could not do so, because Watch Dogs for Wii U was not available in the store database.

Wiitalia tried to contact some GameStop store, and in each case the conclusion was one and just one: Wii U version of Watch Dogs is not available for preorder because Ubisoft cancelled it. It seems that Wii U hardware and software sales played a role in this decision.

Source: http://www.wiitalia.it/2014/01/23/rumor-watch_dogs-e-stato-cancellato-per-wii-u/lang/en/
May 21, 2012
Certainly hope not. I looked forward to this the most with tablet controls. Seems like a waste anyhow when the game is already effectively compete on Wii U.
Jun 2, 2013
Leeds, UK
Wouldn't be surprised.

But then again Ubisoft wouldn't back out of a Wii U deal would they? oh wait, my friend Rayman says they might.


Would be weird to cancel it so 'close' to release and after being so long in development.
Unless of course if the Wii U version wasn't 'close' and the others were 'close'


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Apr 25, 2009
Maybe it's just canceled in Italy. France is a very strong Nintendo country, so maybe releasing it there still makes sense and means there is no full cancellation.


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Aug 7, 2013
1 year after release, the Wii U is losing almost every third-party publisher and if Ubisoft is no longer on board, doom. No seriously, Ubisoft and Activision are the last cards Nintendo has to play in regards to third party relations. They can't loose 'em for their sake. Third-party relations are worse than the Gamecube era Nintendo :( Do something.

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Apr 30, 2013
Would be weird to cancel it so 'close' to release and after being so long in development.
Yup. Even if it is a completely buggy, shitfess mess, some revenue is better than none at all. There's also very little from this "rumour", it was originally on that place you go to for Nintendo news. Until Amazon, BestBuy or Ubi takes it down from their own site, you shouldn't worry about anything.
Dec 9, 2006
If this is true, this is either technical, time consuming, or they are aware that AC3/Black Flag sold poorly. Most probably it is a mix of all three things.

Boss of Ubisoft talked that they will revisit their WiiU stance if situation does not get better.
May 7, 2013
Madrid, Spain
But this makes no sense, Reggie said we'd have all the third partys on board and Ubi said they expected great things of the WiiU and never count Nintendo out!

This is a big fat lie, WiiU will have the mos unique and convenient version with the gamepad!
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