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World War Z: Aftermath - PS5 Backwards Compatibility Gameplay 4K 60FPS


Got a chance to check this out today. Thought it was a new game, but it's kind of like an addon to the original game. Here's some info:

- PS4 version of game is 49.01 GB as of version 1.24.
- Next gen versions launching in 2022
- No modes to choose from
- PR mentioned that the game runs at 4K 60FPS on next gen consoles. It feels more like upscaled 4K. Some areas look blurry at times.
- This version of the game features everything that was in the game of the year version along with 2 new maps. Rome and Kamchatka. Each map has a couple new missions and new characters to use.
- I don't have much to add to this thread this time. Same game, new maps.
- It has FPS issues even in offline mode. Not consistent at all. Especially when aiming.
- I've played about 2 hours. Don't think I saw new enemies either. So yea...

I'll update the thread if anything comes up. Cheers



The fps issues are a pity.

Hopefully they can fix it later. Thanks for the thread, I will wait a patch before buying it.


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Wait, I thought this got an uptick to res and fr even if you didnt get aftermath. Ots just the dlc? No nextgen patch.

Reizo Ryuu

I played through the rome episode's first 2 chapters here, in 30fps because that's all the twitch app can do for some reason:

I personally feel like these two maps are way cooler than what's in the base game, didn't notice much of fps issues either, but maybe it's different on xsx.
There's also a first person mode that's pretty cool, and there's new weapons and a new class and they changed how the melee system works.
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