WOW OMG: Steam is refunding No Man's Sky even if you played more then 2 hours

May 23, 2016
Edit: If you have trouble getting a refund, ask for the supervisor. Try again with another supervisor if the pervious supervisor denied your refund.

Edit 2: I would advise AGAINST chargebacks. Steam, PSN and others will ban your account.

You can get a refund if you buy from these companies. If you buy elseware, try to return NMS anyways and report here with successful results.
Humble Bundle

You can apply for the refund as you usually do. Hopefully, I saved a lot of people some money that would be better used. Reapply if need be, select reason as bad performance or false advertising.
Open a ticket if you are denied by the automated system.

Edit 2 - A lot of people have got refunds from this post. Reapply if you were denied before. Somebody got a refund after 72 hours!!
Edit 4 - Some alleged proof from owner numbers decreasing . People are getting refunds, so reapply or open support tickets. Note - These numbers might just be a random fluctuation.

Edit 5 - For those who brought it on GOG, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. They make exceptions even if it's more than 30 days, so contact their support and they will respond.

For people who used Humble Bundle, their support is useful and might give you a refund.

Users on the thread have reported they have got refunds for PS4, as a one time courtesy, by contacting support.

Edit 6 - Thread about PS4 users getting successful refunds.. Props to /u/VALAR_M0RGHUL1S . (Some users have suggested that you might be unable to rebuy the digital edition after you refund. I can't test this, unfortunately), quote from VALAR who contacted support
Hey saw what you added about not being able to repurchase the game on PS4. I actually addressed this in my post: I had read this article saying that Sony will block you from ever repurchasing a game that was refunded to you, but I asked the agent I spoke with about this and he assured me I could purchase the game again if I ever wanted to. I can still see the game in my library but it has a locked padlock icon on it now. When I select the game it tells me I have to repurchase it to play it again and then has a button linking to the PSN store to buy the game. So definitely not true that you can't buy the game again after it's been refunded. Not 100% sure since obviously I havent tested completing the transaction, but according to the agent I spoke to I will be able to buy the game again at any point. I also have the option to add the game to my basket on PSN and presumably complete that transaction. Doesn't look like I'm locked out of buying it at all. Just wanted to let you know about that!
Edit 7 - Users have reported being able to get refunds from Amazon if you got a physical copy. Use their chat support and explain the situation.

Edit 8 - For those having issues with automated response, Open a Support ticket HERE.

Edit 11 - /u/kashmoney360
PSA: PC owners, if you've played with the experimental branch, Steam only keeps a tab on the normal branch. I played only 1 hr on the normal branch and 8 on the experimental. My refund ticket displayed only the normal branch playtime.
Some users have reported that this is different for them, so YMMV.
Edit 13/Final edit - Some users on Steam have been reporting that refunds happen faster/easier if you refund directly to Steam wallet, rather than PayPal or CC. Good luck everyone, going to bed now :).
Instructions for UK refund -
Go here:

And press email us. I did this, I got refund my UK PSN order a few days later.
File complaints -
Alright, after doing a bit of research I redesigned the tutorial around filing a complaint to the FTC. I think this has a much better chance at actually doing something. Again, let me know if I got anything wrong or if anything needs to be changed. Also, feel free to reformat or make changes yourself and PM it to me. As far as I can tell it's almost identical to the process that I posted for those outside of the states. I looked into and it is legit and is in fact related to the FTC.

If you are in the EU or elsewhere click here! I redesigned the other tutorial for out of state only and the website.

If you are in the US start here, Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant.

Select Internet Services, Online Shopping, Computers.

1 Getting Started​

Did you experience any of the following? Please select all of these that apply:
Check- Other


read and continue

2 Complaint details​

How much did the company ask you to pay:
Whatever amount you paid

How much did you actually pay the company (total amount obtained by the suspect/subject):
Jowever much you paid

How did you pay the company:
Whatever you paid with

How did the company contact you:
I put "internet website" not sure if this should be "I initiated contact" instead.

When did the company first contact you (mm/dd/yyyy):
I left this blank

How did you respond to the first/initial contact:

Company Representative First Name:

Company Representative Last Name:

Company Representative Title/Position:

3. Company Details​

Company Information

*These are as best as I can figure, I don't live in the UK and have no idea how addresses work there.*

Company Name:
Hello Games

Company Address:

Apt/PO Box:
Couldn't find this.


United Kingdom


Don't know what to put here

Company Email Address:

Company Website:

Company Phone Number:
Couldn't find

Left this blank

4. Your Information​

Fill in your info


Additional Information

*I had my wife type this up since there was a character limit and she is a journalist who always complains that I am not succinct enough. I don't know how these websites handle copy pastes so if you use this then maybe change it up a little bit by adding something of your own.*

For the past several years Sean Murray of Hello Games discussed his company's game, No Man's Sky. At gaming conferences, talk shows, other venues and media outlets he repeatedly gave information about the game, revealing more and more about No Man's Sky. After the games release a few weeks ago, it became glaringly apparant that he had blatantly lied about many features, inlcuding some key features of the game, as shown in the videos of him below. What has been presented about the game by Sean Murray for the past several years, and the information from Hello Games website is blatant false advertising. The game is not as described, and this company has repeatedly lied and continues to lie about the true contents of their product. This is a list of a lot of the missing features that where advertised and sources from when they where advertised to be there:
There may be questions around what "purchasing" a game may mean in terms of a "license" or whatever, but I don't think that's totally relevant. That games don't come with proper warranties and proper refund policies seems to be more of a relic of days when it was easy to copy software, rather than some well thought out policy that's beneficial to the modern market (particularly to the consumer side obviously).

Even when I only "rent" some kind of non-gaming product, I'm pretty sure that I almost always have a right to a refund if the product is defective. So in the case of No Man's Sky, does it matter that it didn't come with a warranty? I can't even remember having this discussion with any other purchase category. My movie ticket doesn't have a real manufacturer's warranty that I know of, but if the movie starts stuttering half-way through the flick, I'm pretty sure I could get my money back easily. If I buy a Dyson vacuum, yeah I guess there's a warranty, and I've never really had a problem refunding a defective appliance. If I buy a eBook from a storefront, I feel pretty confident that if my book was missing pages or started crashing my eReader, I can get my money back. If I buy a paperback, and it was missing pages or the pages were miscut so as to be unreadable, I'm fairly sure I can get a refund. If I order a dinner, and the food is undercooked or missing part of what was advertised, I'm fairly certain I'll be compensated.

The game was (possibly still is) arguably hugely defective. Like I've said in other threads, the game crashed for me more than any other game on PS4. Not just individually, I think it may have crashed more than the rest of my games combined. I felt pretty entitled to a refund. If this were a defective DVD, book, meal, computer, pair of shoes, or practically another other purchasable item, this conversation wouldn't have gone on so long. This whole debate around refunds seems to only come up with video games because of people's unhealthy relationships to developers and games and the disgusting amount of corporate ballwashing that goes on with gaming products.

I don't give a flying shit if they lose money off my refund, that's their goddamn problem.

Devs aren't our friends.

We don't owe them anything.

The shmucks should sell an actually functioning product next time and not lie out of their goddamn asses about what the product entails.

End of discussion.
Jan 30, 2015
The policy has never ruled out refunds after the 2 hour window, just guaranteed them inside the 2 hour window.

I imagine Steam will default to being pretty lenient if you have an account in good standing and haven't pushed the limits of their refund policy on a regular basis in the past.

Edit: Pretty hard to understand what the purpose of this thread would have been without "PSA" at the front of the title, how else could I have possibly known it was information intended for public dissemination?
Jul 26, 2007
Why would you return the game after 50 hours? Isn't that pretty good value for your 60 bucks?
Because I reached a point where the game would crash very frequently. I'm not having that.

It took you more than 50 hours to realize you didn't like the game and wanted your money back?
I like the game though, but then again I've played other space games like it so I knew what to expect. It's not great but not bad either imo.
Aug 24, 2011
I got my refund from PSN customer support a couple nights ago.

50+ hours of playtime.

Not surprised to see Steam doing the same thing.
The fact that you played over 50 hours makes it seem like you just got a refund because you could though.

You don't put 50 hours into something if you don't enjoy it, even if it might not have been what they said it would be before release.
Sep 24, 2013
The policy has never ruled out refunds after the 2 hour window, just guaranteed them inside the 2 hour window.

I imagine Steam will default to being pretty lenient if you have an account in good standing and haven't pushed the limits of their refund policy on a regular basis in the past.
That's what I thought. Would be a really weird message to put out there for just this game.
Feb 25, 2013
Meanwhile over at Sony...

Did anyone actually get a refund from Sony?

After a week of waiting, here's what I got (ignore the bad grammar on Sony's part):

Hi xxxxxxxxxx,

Thanks for your e-mail to PlayStation Support.
I'm Sorry to hear your unhappy with No Mans Sky,

As you can understand Games released for play on the PlayStation Network are made owned by other company's, this game is made and published by Hello Games,

Hello Games have released a patch update on Monday the 22nd that advised it will fix 99% of issues with the game, And another patch update to come later this week for the other 1 %

In regards to a refund as the content has been supplied to you downloaded and played it does exempt it from our standard Refunds and cancellation policy,

If the game is faulty then as it is digital content a refund can only be offered if the game cannot be fixed within a reasonable timeframe.

I would advise that we wait for the patch update to be released before we can discuss a refund for the product, if you still experience issues with the game after the upcoming patch update i would need you to contact Hello Games and obtain a reference number from them and acknowledgement that the game is faulty.

I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions please contact PlayStation Support using the contact details below or by replying to this e-mail. Quote xxxxxxx-xxxxxx and one of our team will be happy to help you.

Thank you,

Player Support Specialist
PlayStation Support
Just want to share with everyone that I am having the same experience with the above, and this is what I was asked to do, among other things:

-A transcript of your contact with the publisher of the game, confirming that they have not provided what is advertised.
"- Oh, Hi Hello Games, look, I want to get my money back, could you please confirm that you have delivered a product that does not reflect what was advertised?

- Hi there, yes, that's right, sorry we did that, ops! :) "

That probably wouldn't be enough. Next email they might ask if im sure that Sean Davis it is actually a human, not a Lizard. Lizards are our new overlords and are above the law.
Yep, here is part of the email sent by Playstation Australia:

If you would like us to look in to your request under the grounds of false advertising, please provide us with the following information:

-On the PlayStation Store product description for No Man's Sky, what part of the description do you feel is misleading, or not included in the game?
-In relation to the above question, please provide detailed examples from within the game itself, including screenshots if this is possible
-A transcript of your contact with the publisher of the game, confirming that they have not provided what is advertised.

Once this is provided, we will escalate your case for further consideration.
They are putting the onus on customers to try and pry and record a response from HG to give proof needed for a refund.

This is why Sony can fuck right off, I am done with them. I tried cancelling my preorder before it even released (was able to get the LE physical) but the fucking assholes wouldn't budge, I explained very clearly that I was still buying their precious game....

Fuck them, arrogant Sony is back in full force.

I should have never went digital with my ps4s because you get nothing but hassles from support anytime there are problems. I'm also never doing pre-orders again unless it's something like a GOTY edition since the game will have been fixed and properly assessed by then (hopefully).
Yeah this is bullshit. If digital distribution is to become the main form of games delivery then we need customer protection laws that will force these companies into action.
Mar 24, 2013
Just read the OP. Who do I need to email to get my steam refund? Went through their normal return process like 10 times on 12 hours of playtime got denied every time.