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Xbox E3 Possibly Fully Leaked.


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Mar 11, 2019
I've been team Microsoft (and Nintendo) most of my gaming life, and I'll defend it to the end but even for me, a long time Xbox fanboy can admit it's time for change

I love Halo and want Infinite very badly but for once, I want an Xbox Exclusive that will shut the haters up and make it mainstream. Can't remember a non Halo, Forza or Gears 1st party title that did blockbuster numbers. I hope they learned a lot from last gen, because it was really dry on 1st party exclusives (games not named Halo, Forza or Gears).

Gameplay of Starfield, Hellblade 2, or Everwild will really get outsiders and non Xbox gamers attention IMHO

Don't disappoint Microsoft
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Apr 16, 2021
I'm all for the excitement for Microsoft's e3 event, I have really high hopes myself, but can you change the title to speculation or something?

It is very MISLEADING :p

(& I've clicked on this thread a few times forgetting I've checked it a couple times now)
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Apr 4, 2020
What’s that toy with the flag on the left?
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Jan 24, 2021
Still no genuine leak! Looks like Microsoft are running a, very tight ship. Will this be a prerecorded or live stream?


Oct 15, 2013
Still no genuine leak! Looks like Microsoft are running a, very tight ship. Will this be a prerecorded or live stream?
Prerecorded streamed live.
Or maybe some parts live live?
I know because they already translate into 30 languages and don't do that live


Jan 24, 2021
Prerecorded streamed live.
Or maybe some parts live live?
I know because they already translate into 30 languages and don't do that live
Well doesn't really matter, as long as it has a live conference look to it. I didn't like the talking in front of a green screen last year.


Feb 6, 2019
yh just leak Forza trailer and release date and i dont need anything else from them rly...


Feb 24, 2021
Final realistic expectation of what we will see at xbox event:

Start show with Halo infinite looking refreshed with gameplay trailer
New Gears of war spin off announcement trailer
We happy few 2 announcement trailer
Perfect dark gameplay trailer
Hellblade 2 gameplay trailer
Avowed gameplay trailer
Fable gameplay trailer
State of decay 3 gameplay trailer
Indiana jones teaser trailer
Release dates for these games between now-2023
Show ends with Starfield extended gameplay demo with surprise 'available to play right now on gamepass'
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Apr 27, 2014

Finally took the plunge to order the series x. Should arrive today or tomorrow. Can’t wait for the unboxing experience and to hook it up to my LG CX. Looking forward to the conference on Sunday. Hope to see a next gen console patch for doom eternal and I will try that on gamepass. Also want to play GRID at 4K/60fps
Dec 10, 2020
Reddit and Klobrille ninjas are at it again. For quick context Klobrille has been leaking stuff since 2018 and has been very accurate for the last few years and tends to leak most of the E3 stuff for MS.

Note - Mods pls fix the spelling on title kthxbai <3


- Starfield
- Halo Infinite
- Wolfenstein 3
- Kojima Game
- Project Dragon RPG by IO Interactive (New IP)
- Project Omen (Dracula/Vampires New IP) by Arkane

- Forza Horizon 5 with this year release date and set in Mexico

- Awoved (Game is in great shape and is almost fully on schedule for release)


Bonus - Female Artist at Playground games also stated that we should be seeing the game/Fable soon (she's a outsourced artist) However, no word from Klobrille on this particular title. I would not hold my breath.

Rare's Everwild may have been rebooted but not 100% sure on that but I am certain that it won't be at the Xbox Showcase and if by chance it is, it will be CGI again which is why im as certain as possible that it won't be. Last year was a CGI fest and this showcase is going to be mostly gameplay and focused on titles that are scheduled to release for the second half of 2021 and for all of 2022. I'm personally not expecting it whatsoever.

Ninja Theory's Hellblade 2 was going to be shown but has been pulled based on those I follow because there's no gameplay. Ninja Theory has finally started motion capture due to basically being "on-hold" for a year due to Covid and once that is complete, they will then transition to Unreal Engine 5 if they haven't already. They could show a CGI trailer but they know the response won't be good for it so better off not showing it at all.

The Initiative just revealed Perfect Dark as they're still hiring for the game which is why a lot of games get revealed early and with CGI. It's so they can hire people without having to worry about naming the game that they're hiring for. My bet would be E3 2022.

As for Indiana Jones, this one is interesting because it's Machine Games that's working on it and im not expecting it for at least a year as im 100% expecting Wolfenstein III to be at E3 since Pete Hines basically confirmed it was in development back in September 2018 in an interview talking about Youngblood and said that Wolfenstein III would go back to the pure single player story driven setup the franchise is known for. Machine Games was NOT the lead on Youngblood so it's either Wolfenstein III being shown at E3 or they did one hell of a job hiding Indiana Jones and that gets shown at E3 since they would be further along.

I would prefer Indiana Jones but at the same time, I want them to wrap up Wolfenstein III and then move on to Indiana Jones. I'm also hoping that with Starfield being 2022, im hoping that Wolfenstein III can slip into September. It's been almost four years since Wolfenstein II and I would think that they would want to wrap it up before moving on fully to Indiana Jones.

13 more days to go and we will then know!!!

My info comes from Klobrille, Nick from XboxEra and Rand/Jez from Twitter/Youtube. I know a lot of people don't like them or whatever but their percentages are in the 80's for accuracy and better than most. I don't remember who said what but those are the people I follow.

Everwild look great from those trailers but it seems like they don't know exactly the direction they want the game to go in. I personally have no interest in Everwild so none of it affects me whatsoever but regardless of what's going on with the game, I do think they revealed it too early in my opinion.

As far as I know, Project Mara isn't an actual "game". It's supposed to be an experience regarding Mental Health and that you're in an apartment. Could be wrong on this but reading up and researching it a while back, it doesn't sound like it's an actual "game" like Hellblade 2 will be for example.

So, Klobrille, Jez Corden, Shpeshal_Nick ( Ed ).....
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