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Jun 6, 2013
Central City

Welcome to the Xbox Elite Controller Thread! This thread will serve as your one stop shop for all things related to the Xbox Elite Controller. This includes latest announcements, product updates, troubleshooting, FAQ, and mapping suggestions.

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Platform: Xbox One and PC
Release date: October 27, 2015
Price: $150 (US), $170 (CA), £120 (UK), €150 (EU), $200 (AU)

Unveiled at the E3 2015 Microsoft press conference, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller ushers in the next evolution in Xbox controller design. With competitive and hardcore audiences in mind, the Xbox Elite Controller aims to merge first class quality and pro level performance to the ever growing community of esports players, hopefuls, and fans. Not one for professional gaming? Fret not for the Xbox Elite Controller offers the same level of control and customization to enthusiasts seeking to better their overall gaming experience.

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
  • Carrying case
  • Set of 4 paddles: long (2), short (2)
  • Set of 6 thumbsticks: standard (2), tall (2), and domed (2)
  • Set of 2 D-pads: standard and faceted
  • 9' USB cable
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Setup guide and product manual

Before we go over what's different about the Xbox Elite Controller, let's talk about what's the same. The Xbox Elite Controller has the same 3.5mm audio jack and redesigned bumpers that all Mark II controllers have had since their introduction in June. Now with that out of the way, let's overview what makes the Xbox Elite Controller unique amongst its counterparts.

  • Hair trigger locks
  • Rubberized grip
  • Modular D-pad
  • Modular thumbsticks
  • Adjustable thumbstick sensitivity
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity
  • Configuration switch
  • Paddles
  • Heavier weight
    - Perhaps not a feature per say but many people who have had access to the controller have enjoyed its weightier more solid feel
  • Cheetos resistant magnesium outer layer**
Assignable inputs:
  • A, B, X, and Y
  • D-pad up, down, left, and right
  • Left and right bumpers
  • Left and right trigger activation
  • Left and right thumbstick click

  • For use with Xbox One and PC's running Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • PC use requires the included USB cable or Wireless Adapter.
  • Weight: 348g (+/-15g) when using with 4 paddles, faceted D-pad, AA batteries and standard thumbsticks attached
  • Connectivity: Wireless or wired with included 9' USB cable on Xbox One. Wireless with Wireless Adapter* or wired with included 9' USB cable on PC.
  • Data transfers through the USB cable when connected to the controller and console/PC
*Wireless Adapter is only compatible with Windows 10.​

Availability: Xbox One and Windows 10

The Xbox Accessories App is what you'll use to create and customize your own controller configurations. 2 configurations can be stored locally on the Xbox Elite Controller. These configurations can be instantly changed by sliding the profile switch. Below is an overview of what can be done with the app.

  • Store up to 255 configurations in the app
  • Choose configurations created by game developers
    - Configurations for Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Forza Motorsport 6 will be available upon release. Configurations for Star Wars: Battlefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops III are also in the works.
  • Choose between 14 digital inputs for either the ABXY buttons or the paddles
  • Map multiple buttons to the same input. For example, Paddle 1 and X both jump.
  • Adjust thumbstick sensitivity
  • Adjust trigger sensitivity
  • Adjust rumble
  • Adjust Xbox Guide button brightness
  • Swap left and right thumbstick input

Official Video

Following it's unveiling, Microsoft announced that it would partner with third parties to create accessories for the Xbox Elite Controller. However, on October 15th, Scuf Gaming announced that they had signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft for use of their patents. This deal also gave Scuf the exclusive rights to create accessories for the controller. While Scuf hasn't announced any accessories yet, PowerA has created a set of Halo 5: Guardians themed accessories.

The set will retail for $29.99 and will be available in early December. PowerA is also releasing a charge stand which will retail for $39.99. It includes a 1400mAh battery and an extra battery door for direct-contact charging. The charging stand will ship later this October.
Speculation: These accessories were most likely created before the Scuf deal was finalized and will probably be the last ones until Scuf make their own.

This section will be updated when new accessories are announced.

Throughout my time with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, all I could think was, “Wow. I really want this.” But at $150, I’m not willing to drop that much cash for a game controller. The Elite takes everything I like about the stock Xbox One controller and kicks it up a notch. For most people, the Elite controller is overkill. But for competitive players or those looking for the best game controller money can buy, its beautiful build and customization options make it worth every penny.
The Xbox One Elite controller is one of the most versatile controllers ever released, but it’s meant for the hardcore gamer. At $150, it’s an outstanding premium option that holds several advantages over Scuf’s pads. However, if you just want a more comfortable controller and don’t plan on digging into the tuning options or learning to use the paddles, you can probably save some cash by using aftermarket products to modify your existing gamepad
The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a luxury item. It won’t completely transform the way you play Xbox One games, though it may tweak it significantly. No one needs metal and rubber and magnets and satiny plastic. No one needs the extra paddle buttons, or the ability to fine tune every input on the controller. No one needs a zippered carrying case packed with interchangeable parts.

But damn if having those things isn’t lovely.
“Ohoho, a $150 Xbox controller?” I said. “What needless luxury will you try to sell me next, Microsoft? Gold-plated toilet paper? A dolphin that sings happy birthday? Socks that clean themselves?” For months I’ve laughed at the Xbox One Elite controller, with its 300-percent markup price and all its removable metal bits. Such extravagance. Such indulgence.

Then I got my hands on one, and damn, I think I actually like it. A lot.
The Elite controller is the best Xbox gamepad Microsoft has ever made, but it doesn't come cheap. At $150, your best bet is waiting for a price drop or a bundle deal unless you're dead-set on getting a leg up against folks online.
The Verge
Microsoft has produced the best video game controller on the market: the vanilla Xbox One controller. If you want something sleeker, faster, cooler, now that’s an option, too.
I think it’s obvious that as much as I love the Xbox One Elite Controller, it’s not “$150 great” for everybody. This is a premium device that will replace a controller that is already wonderful. But if you are on the fence, and you play a lot of Xbox One or PC games with a gamepad, then I highly recommend it.
Ars Technica
In a way, it feels like Microsoft went a bit too far in the kitchen-sink design of its Xbox Elite pad. I'd gladly pay $80 to $90 for a mid-range version that provided the additional grip buttons (and maybe the hair-trigger shoulder buttons) built with less costly materials.

As it stands, though, $150 is a pretty high price for a bunch of features that will range from near-useless to nice-but-not-crucial for most players. In its current incarnation, we can only recommend the controller for serious, competitive first-person shooter players looking for every edge they can get. For everyone else, we'd recommend putting that money toward some games instead
Its $150, £120 or AU$200 price tag certainly puts it in an exclusive class, but the Elite controller is one of the most customizable, comfortable and luxurious controllers we've ever used.
Lamarr Wilson - more of a hands-on with some Halo 5 gameplay

Wanting to take the plunge? Well unfortunately the first shipment of controllers is almost entirely gone with a decent number of sites showing it as out of stock or for delivery at a later point. You might get lucky and find one at retail but no one knows for sure how many of these controllers were allotted for stores. Below you'll find a list of links that'll lead to a particular store's page for the controller. If you happen to see them at retail, please leave a post detailing where and how many where left. A fellow gaffer just might be able to pick one up.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada
Microsoft Store US | Microsoft Store UK | Microsoft Store Canada | Microsoft Store Australia
Best Buy US | Best Buy Canada
Gamestop US | Gamestop UK | EB Games Canada | EB Games Australia
Walmart US
Target US

-Q: Does it have a 3.5mm audio jack
- A: Yes

- Q: Does it have the redesigned bumpers?
- A: Yes

- Q: Can I still use the headset adapter and soon to be released chatpad on the controller?
- A: Yes

- Q: Will the Xbox Elite Controller work on Windows 7, 8, or 10?
- A: Yes

- Q: Can I map screenshot or DVR functionality?
- A: No. It's possible in theory. The chatpad will have inputs for screenshots and DVR though.

- Q: Will the Xbox Accessories App be available on Windows 7 or 8?
- A: Probably not.

- Q: Does it come with a play and charge kit, eneloops, or have a built in battery?
- A: No

- Q: Will my wife let me buy one?
- A:

Credit: Gowans

- Q: If I buy the controller, will it turn me into a l33t, 360 no scope, I-can-beat-Dark-Souls-in-one-life, Rambo killing machine?
- A: Results may vary

- Q: Can I stop reading the FAQ?
- A: No​

XB1 Elite Controller ($150)
Xbox One Elite Controller Vidoc
Xbox One Elite Controller impressions
Awesome shots of the Xbox Elite controller

**Not actually Cheetos proof

Credit to Geist- for the OT title.

  • Some controllers have slow turn
  • The internal makeup is the same as the standard controller
Aug 16, 2009
im gonna remap the combat in witcher 3 to one of those paddles SO.FUCKING.HARD

delayed til november for me though, amazon y u do dis
Jun 21, 2015
Can people that have it pleeeeeease for the love of all things good talk about the sensitivity curves!!! test em test em test em!
awesome OT by the way.
Jan 21, 2013
Heads up! I just pre-ordered one right now from the Gamestop (US) website (used link posted above).

Not sure if the order will stick or if it'll actually ship tomorrow, but it's better than nothing at this point!
Sep 23, 2006
Off-topic, but since it's been brought up, what in Sony's history would indicate that they'd cater to the hardcore/competitive crowd with a controller like this?
Nov 24, 2013
England, UK
Off-topic, but since it's been brought up, what in Sony's history would indicate that they'd cater to the hardcore/competitive crowd with a controller like this?
Zilch really, except maybe now that they have the COD marketing and Esports.

But they really need to make a decent baseline Pad before they even think about anything like this. IMO of course!
Aug 15, 2015
This thing is so hot. Expensive, but damn, so good. I'll probably pick one up next year.

Off-topic, but since it's been brought up, what in Sony's history would indicate that they'd cater to the hardcore/competitive crowd with a controller like this?
Nothing, really. They've never dipped into the market, but they might now that this is out.

But they really need to make a decent baseline Pad before they even think about anything like this. IMO of course!
Who knows, but they should fix their current controller before dwelling on a new model.
You guys really couldn't help yourselves, could you? smh
Nov 7, 2013
2000 right now, still says coming tomorrow.

You better not be lying to me Amazon!

I don't want to be up shit creek...
I love this I love you

Can't wait til I get some income coming again so I can get this.

Also.. Boogie2988 has a good impressions video as well. Only thing to note with his is I believe he put the paddles on in the wrong spot as he claims you can't set it down without buttons being pressed. But that's also a good thing to note.
Yeah, it looks like he put them upside down?

Also: I'm really hoping these themed faceted D-pads become a thing
and the Forza one in OP.


Great OT OP. U DA VIP.
Nov 13, 2006
Kudos on the OT, Flash. 1st GIF is perfect.

Mine gets here tomorrow. Struggling with whether I should have UPS hold it, and I might be able to pick it up earlier than my usual 5pm delivery time.
Dec 5, 2008
Regina SK Canada
Zilch really, except maybe now that they have the COD marketing and Esports.

But they really need to make a decent baseline Pad before they even think about anything like this. IMO of course!
Who knows, but they should fix their current controller before dwelling on a new model.
considering the ds4 is a vastly superior controller than both the Xbox one and 360, they don't have to do much. I'm curious how good this elite controller will be. I'm still unsure about it.