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Xbox & IHOP Rewards partner in Collab. Can earn 1-Month Gamepass, Full 'Grounded" game', or ForzaH5 DLC & Add-ons.

The International House Of Pancakes has teamed up with Xbox so you can use your IHOP rewards to earn Xbox goodies like the full game download of Grounded, 1-month of XGP, and Forza Horizon 5 stuff. asking it the 5th casual or fast-food restaurant to partner with Xbox in less than 6 months iirc.

The new partnership between the International House of Pancakes and Xbox is going on now. IHOP offers a loyalty rewards program that's free to join where members can earn so-called PanCoins by making purchases. After signing up for the program, gamers can exchange their rewards for one month of free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a copy of the game Grounded, or a Forza Horizon 5 Add-On bundle offering a variety of perks.

At the moment, the cost of the three perks are as follows. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs 10 PanCoins, while Grounded and Forza Horizon 5's Add-On pack are 40 PanCoins each. Players can earn one PanCoin for every $5 USD spent at IHOP. While it's more affordable to simply buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate outright, anyone who frequents IHOP or is just craving a big breakfast in the near future can earn enough PanCoins to try out Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost.


They also have exclusive Xbox themed menu options for diners:

Party Animals Pancake Combo $11.99
2 Cupcake Pancakes with pork sausage links, hash browns & 2 eggs over medium.

Grounded Big Brunch Steak Burger $11.79
Steakburger with hickory-smoked bacon, fried egg, crispy potato pancake, American cheese and IHOP sauce. Served with a side of pancakes.

Forza Family Feast $32.99
Pancakes, eggs, hash browns, hickory smoked bacon and pork sausage links. Serves 4. Available for

You have to spend $5 to earn one Pancake coin, if you get 10 Pancake coins you get a free month of XGP. If you get 40 coins you can get a free download of the full Grounded game, or you can get Forza Horizon 5 content.

Honestly that sound like a pain, looks like you'll need to do some grinding.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Do I have to tip?
Pancakes, eggs, hash browns, hickory smoked bacon and pork sausage links. Serves 4. Available for IHOP 'N Go only, not available for dine-in.
I know times are tough and all, but I still couldn't imagine tipping someone for bringing food out to your car.


They should have a marketing deal with Nintendo, because you’ll want a handheld to play while shitting your brains out after eating that trash.
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Never heard of it, but „The International House of Pancakes“ sounds great. If I will ever see such a house, I would not mind, if they gift me a FH add on.
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If you buy the hour menu you can get double points now, according to what it says when you login. Not sure if it's for every area though.

However, this could be a quick way to stock up on Game Pass, or to get Grounded for free.
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