Xbox Live / Microsoft Down (Australia)?

Checking from multiple locations (office - direct link to Data Centres in Sydney, TPG internet, iiNet internet) in Australia, with multiple DNS servers and configurations, it appears that I am unable to connect through to both and and unfortunately can't activate my new Xbox One.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?
Playing XB1 right now, everything seems fine.

Though now I'm scared to disconnect.

(Service was patchy at 12-2 last night as everyone activated from midnight launches...maybe the same is happening now for 9am buyers)
Our Office 365 connectivity is getting hit, intermittently dropping Outlook connections to Exchange Online, etc. I've lost connectivity to the Office 365 admin portal as well (which all runs through

Just noticed this thread and realized that it's now Friday on the other side of the world.
Oh that explains why i can't log in to xbl. Seems like a ddos. Hope that offline updating thing gets put back up :p

More importantly, work tomorrow will be a laugh as we use 365.