Xbox One Backwards Compatible lOT2l: Who would want to play these games?

BC on Xbox One is fucking amazing !!!

Bravo to the Xbox team !

Now can we have a Tennis games and maybe Ninja Gaiden 2 or Ninja Gaiden Black ?

There's so many games that would be great to have, ZOE HD, 3rd Strike, Outrun, Afterburner... there's still hope that these are coming soon.
What a fine day for a new thread! Here's hoping we get some games today that will be joyously added to the list.

Also, that's a great thread title. Lol.
Blam, just a heads up...I stopped updating the last OP after a while since I figured many people weren't actually going back to it after 300+ pages :p. So there's a lot missing there. Might just be better to like to Major Nelsons list since he has everything there with store links too :)
Here we go again!

I seriously love BC, they're honestly just more Xbox One games to me - everything is so well integrated. <3

And I do find it difficult going back to the old 360 controller now, which is funny because I spent 1000s of hours with it while addicted to Final Fantasy XI heh. My Xbox One Elite is just so much more comfy though.
What's this about Burnout Revenge!? If that's a 'joke' I'm gonna be pretty pissed. As hilarious as we all are on this forum, surely at least get the fucking facts straight in an OP and keep the sarcastic in jokes for the topic names?

Revenge is one of the GOATs in my eyes so yeah, I'm not amused if that's a joke. If it's a genuine mistake, then fair enough.