Xbox One Backwards Compatible lOT2l: Who would want to play these games?

I find it really really odd that for a good few years now, every single time anything BC is announced, both rockstars and major nelsons (among others) Twitter feeds are all on fire with people asking for Max Payne 3... Yet still no Max Payne 3.

Im not too sure how the whole what goes BC and what doesn’t works, but... man... that would sure make a lot of people happy.

As for me, I’m getting fed up with BC releases that have zero x enhancements. I mean, Crackdown 2 just came to BC and has zero, none... Yet the first game did. And 3 is in 4k. Sure, Crackdown 2 is by far the worst of the 3, but still... We need at least a dev type option on the dash that forced games into 1440p or 2160p and said “hey if it fucks it, not our fault, be our tester”. Pc game have essentially ran with JUST resolution changes alone for many years with zero problems. Don’t tell me the X hardware can’t cope with it or it has to be per game. Sure, performance may drop in select titles... But I’m currently playing Lego Batman 2... that wouldn’t even stress my damn Apple Watch.
Nov 14, 2015
North Houston
@o'dium i know man.. please dont fret... I felt the same way when i was waiting for Saints Row (2006) i thought it would never come..i assure you....if my game came... your game Max Payne 3 will come too

and I would be nice to get a face lift ( enhancement ) of the original Gears of War ( dont fucking say ultimate edition..they are two seperate multiplayers)

and a face lift (enhancement) of the original Saints Row....i doubt any of that will ever happen

I often wonder why the fuck I own an xbox one X
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Jan 25, 2018
Did anyone on here play Crackdown 2 on 360, i'm impressed with the draw distance, the amount of enemy's on screen in certain sections all with explosions and remaining smooth. Was it this smooth with no drops on 360?
P.s playing on a Original Xbox One. also i think the lighting can look great sometimes for a game this old.
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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Jul 2, 2013
Fuck yeah, Castlevania HD. I bought this for a couple of bucks the last sale, so I'm stoked.
Aug 2, 2013
Microsoft are taking their sweet time when it comes to all things Ninja Gaiden....surely it can't be a licensing issue? Outside of that though the big request from me is Shaolin Monks!!