Xbox One Dashboard leak

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Get it while it's hot.

You select the currently active game it seems like here:

Then it loads full screen (or unsuspends? Developer decide on fullscreen images for these scenarios?)

and end ups in the game:

While you're in the game you press the Guide button the game continues to play:
(Which allows you to do other stuff in the XB1 OS when waiting in a match making lobby for example. Assuming there aren't special cases for networking that disable this multi-tasking.)

More pics:
I laughed at him turning the camera to show his face for a moment. What a dumb ass.

EDIT: Granted, his youtube channel appears to be his full name. Guess he doesn't give a fuck.


It looks clean but I remember being fooled with the beta of one of the 360 dashboards and when it launched it was littered with ads.
"Here's the Ryse beta which I've been playing. It's a pretty fun game."

That statement alone makes me question everything I just saw.
If that's his personal account then he's not very smart. He showed his face as well lol.

Looks like an updated 360 dash. Not bad.
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