Xbox One & PS4 size comparison photos

Really shows how much bigger the One is compared to the PS4. Hopefully, more space for the One means it will do a good job of dissipating heat.

And ugh those stickers!
How did they keep the PS4 from wobbling off?

I wonder how I am going to set them up! One vertical and one standing? Can make a T on my entertainment system!
When I was at Target for the PS4 games on Tuesday they had an XB1 out. It was my first time really seeing one in person and I couldn't believe how massive it was. It literally did look like one of those old VCRs people had in the 90s.
I like the way they look together in that second shot, it's like they are a Voltron fitting together to make a mega machine. Too bad they pretty much share the same games. I wonder how PS4 and WiiU look together. WiiU on the top. PS4 + PC but you wouldn't have them near each other.