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Xbox One & PS4 size comparison photos

Doc Evils

Posted by a German PC site


Poor little black controller

Power brick if old.

Mr Cool711

Neo Member
Really shows how much bigger the One is compared to the PS4. Hopefully, more space for the One means it will do a good job of dissipating heat.

And ugh those stickers!


How did they keep the PS4 from wobbling off?

I wonder how I am going to set them up! One vertical and one standing? Can make a T on my entertainment system!


When I was at Target for the PS4 games on Tuesday they had an XB1 out. It was my first time really seeing one in person and I couldn't believe how massive it was. It literally did look like one of those old VCRs people had in the 90s.

Ploid 3.0

I like the way they look together in that second shot, it's like they are a Voltron fitting together to make a mega machine. Too bad they pretty much share the same games. I wonder how PS4 and WiiU look together. WiiU on the top. PS4 + PC but you wouldn't have them near each other.
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