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Your go-to chill out gaming song?

Dark Star

Jan 14, 2018
I've got tinnitus, so when I'm reading, I like to have music on. Something non-vocal, and something long enough that I won't have to worry about wanting to skip any tracks.
Sometimes I listen to this
my jam

3 hours of flutes, tribal vocalizing, serene orchestras, acoustic strings and percussion

bliss... though, some sections of The Witcher soundtrack can be very intense and dark lol

I have The Witcher 3 theme on my PS4 background, which has this peaceful theme playing every time I exit to the home screen after playing something frenetic ... chill

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Oct 2, 2019
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 Land of Blue Skies AKA Nord Highlands theme:

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 Warm Supper

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 Still Countryside

Final Fantasy XIII The Archylte Steppe

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah Theme

Final Fantasy X Movement in Green

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Nov 28, 2005
This may be the opposite of "chill", but as a fan of old horror who finds comfort in that atmosphere (don't look at me like that), I find the soundtracks to STALKER and Diablo 2 have been my "chill" music lately.

I know people are obsessed on Youtube with "chill mixes" and since I'm going back to college after 20 years, I've embraced these as well. But when I'm writing my essays and trying to keep my family problems on the back burner of my mind, I put on an ambient STALKER mix and listen to calming music, gentle rain, and the comforting moans of eldritch mutants somewhere out in the Cordon.

and animal crossing night music

Wings of Kynareth from Oblivion is quite soothing. So much melancholy and nostalgia.
Oblivion has the best soundtrack of all the Elder Scrolls games. Morrowind is the best lore and world, Skyrim has the best combat, ambiance, and immersion, but Oblivion has the best music and quests.

Come fight me.
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Sep 11, 2019
the Eye in the Triangle
I like this soundtrack.
This track in particular for the way it begins dreamy floating, like being in a hot shower where the mind is disconnected from worry or concern and wandering at ease, then sudden cool brisk invogorating sections followed by an outro of deep slow grateful breath sounds.
The journey leaves me feeling refreshed and chill. Quick splash for those moments.


Neo Member
Jan 7, 2018
The Amusement Park theme from Nier: Automata is fantastic.

It's worth experiencing in-game too because of the fireworks etc in the background as you explore.