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Originally Posted by Evolved1

Is there any way we can better organize this awesome thread? Maybe create a google docs spread sheet where the covers (game titles) are listed with the gaf post#... link it in the op and then when things are added the contributor can just quickly update the spreadsheet?

Or anything... it's just that the thread is getting long and it's difficult to search for specific requests/games.

edit: I will do this tomorrow: I'll go through the thread and organize all submissions into a google doc. Then pm link to the OP. Hopefully contributors will update the sheet themselves, or pm me to do it. Whatever is easiest for everyone. But I think we should organize this, and get easier access to everyone's hard work!

Sounds good man, let us know what to do, I'll update my contributions just tell me how.

Originally Posted by Mithos

That 3D look template, available somewhere, must have missed it?

Rengoku's the man to talk to, he made it himself. PM him, don't know if he wants to post it for the general public so I rather not post it myself since it isn't mine. :)

Originally Posted by Andrefpvs

This is going to be a toughie, isn't it? :(

I can't find any hi-res pictures for this game. So I moved on to real-life UFC pictures, but I can't seem to find suitable ones.

Anyone can help?

All right man, I have no clue what I was doing since I don't follow UFC at all so... hope they are to your liking.

Decided to flip the Yakuza one I did, might look better like that.