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(08-23-2011, 11:08 PM)
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This will probably be my last batch for the week. I gotta finish up Catherine and get started on Deus Ex. I have some relatively minor ones planned but they'll have to wait until the weekend.






I won't be able to do an equivalent box art for Mass Effect 3 until I can find a big enough logo. The only reason I was even able to do these was because of a gigantic (like 6000 pixels across) logo I found for ME2 in which the "2" symbol alone was big enough to fill the front of the box. I haven't found such a logo for ME3 and I can't just change an ME2 logo since ME3 made its own subtle changes to the logo. Plus I don't think BioWare has released a big enough render of the official Femshep art.

Also, yes, I notice the small part of the Spectre symbol on the ME1 art that's clipped off. That came from where I got the symbol. After a very difficult search that was the only usable copy of the symbol I could find.




I could theoretically do the exact same thing for Soul Calibur V, but I can't find big enough pictures of the new sword designs for that game.



Made some alterations to brandon83's design. You'll notice some slight differences in the 360 banner but I still think it turned out alright.





Yeah I know it's kinda blasphemous to do a Final Fantasy box art without the full title art, but honestly I couldn't find anywhere on the front where it looked good for XIII-2. I honestly think this looks better than the alternatives. I also know there are some parts of the title cut out from where I cut the title from the art, but I honestly think it looks kinda cool.