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(08-27-2011, 05:33 PM)
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When it's not 4 in the morning, it' easy to debug. ;)
Seems the problem was coming from the fact that I had used blending options on the layers with the logos in them... I had started copying the existing PSD into a new one, bit by bit and trying the 3D preview script afterward... When I had a black cover with the two logos and dropshadows and it broke, I realized it had to be something the dropshadows were causing, even if it didn't make sense. I dropped the dropshadows and created a copy of each logo layer which was not touched by blending FX and now it works -- so here's a note for anyone who's going to use it possibly (Canova, etc.)

NOTE: There are two images linked below, marked wolverine.png and wolverine.with.dropshadow.png. The difference is whether or not the PNG was exported with the layers having the dropshadows added (logos). The preview is for wolverine.png, but if you think the logos don't pop enough, check out the wolverine.with.dropshadows.png

No drop shadow:

Dropshadow (fixed):