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(09-09-2011, 05:25 AM)
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Didn't bother with spine text yet, as these are just futzing around with random artwork pairings I found for Street Fighter:

Thoughts so far:
(1) I like the one with the gold background for some reason -- moving that to the front might work... I think it's the official Euro cover art maybe?
(2) I need to re-find the SF artwork of Ken/Ryu/Akuma that I took my avatar from.
(3) Maybe the Shinkiro (?) artwork would look better on the back? I'm sad that it cut Cammy off.
(4) I still kind of want to use Cody's official artwork for something, but I don't know that people would like it, since it wouldn't have a large number of the roster like the 2nd version up there does.