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(09-21-2011, 02:15 AM)
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Originally Posted by Spiffy_1st

Would anyone mind doing a Prince of Persia Trilogy cover? Ubisoft's attempt wasn't very good...

To be honest I kinda had to bullshit this one. This was by far the best art I could find that looks like it could represent all three games, but it was a bit too small so I had to stretch it... and flip it horizontally. As for the font, for one thing I couldn't find good logos for all three games. Secondly, I actually like what Disney did with the Helvetica logo for the POP movie, so I thought I'd do something more in-line with that.

In terms of other covers, I still need some help getting 3D templates to work with my Gamecube covers in CS2. I'm also still looking for a good Sin & Punishment 2 main logo.