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Originally Posted by Steelyuhas

I'll still be using dexterity on the smaller maps, but stability is going to be a godsend on the larger, open maps.

I am using Dexterity ionly in combination with the Battle Rifle which I am only using on small maps like Haven, "Harvest" or "Adrift".

Originally Posted by blamite

I just realized I said "one kill per life" when I meant to say "per clip." Big difference there, whoops. Yeah, I do find myself able to stay alive longer with the Needler in 4, but I'm not sure if that's due to the way the Needler itself performs, or everything else that's different between the two games. For whatever reason I feel like the Reach version got kills slightly more quickly, which I guess could be due to that game's slower movement as much as the tracking accuracy.

I don't think I could point to one specific thing I'd change about the H4 Needler, or really have a clear point about it other than to say that it seems a lot less effective than it seems like it should be.

Yes. I do think the needler appears less effective than it really is and I kind of like it that way because most people will underestimate the power of it. It is a great weapon and I get a lot of kills with it on Haven. (At the end when I end up fighting a guy who's using a needler, I am always thinking I can survive longer than I usually can. haha)

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