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(02-02-2013, 05:55 AM)
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GameInformer gave DS3 a 7.75/10

Basically it praised the game for it's improvements in the graphical department, especially the snow effects and the enhanced depth of field effects, but felt that parts of the game were not nearly as polished as others. They of course praised the game for it's very satisfying shooting and loved the new weapon crafting system.

They noted that one of the spaceships you explore is just far less interesting than the sprawl in Dead Space 2 and the general atmosphere of the game is not nearly as creepy and terrifying as previous iterations.

They criticized the human fights, saying they were poorly implemented and unnecessary in a game like this. They put a lot of hatred toward the crouch, saying it does not belong in this game at all. They stated that coop is a lot of fun, but is very different to what was promised by visceral, saying hallucinations were not all that special and occurred rather infrequently. The game seems more geared toward coop, with puzzles having a noticeable quality that renders them perfect for coop.

They also said that while the campaign is longer than previous DS games, it drags on near the end for far too long, in other words , it overstays its welcome. They didn't mention anything about the leaked ending, which everyone hated recently.

Finally (though I probably forgot to mention a few things) they mentioned that coop experienced some rather sharp framerate drops on planet tau volantis.

Overall, they said replay value was moderately low.