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“The Invisible Man” - from Blumhouse and director of “Upgrade”


I was thoroughly engaged through most of it. I suppose if I had time to nitpick parts of it, I could probably find faults in it. But for a movie called The Invisible Man in 2020, I think it's great. I think the very very end kind felt underwhelming to me if I had a complaint, but the rest of the movie was good. It stays tense through almost the whole thing, and it doesn't insult my intelligence with dumb characters or anything. It doesn't waste your time making the main character second guess herself or anything. She knows he's there, and she doesn't let anything convince her otherwise. But he's smart too, so she has a hard time proving it of course.

I've never seen Moss in anything before, but she was really good in this as well. She carries the movie. The characters are believable and likable for the most part too, so you legit feel bad for them when things start to go to shit. I can see some people wanting to scream that this is another "me too" movie or something, but I think this handles it fine. Domestic abuse is a real thing, and it's satisfying seeing a woman fight back against a guy like this. This movie doesn't portray every man as evil which can be a problem for those types of movies, only the bad guy, which is appropriate.

The director of photography, and director do an amazing job with the shots in this movie though. I love just the look of the movie, and what the camera choose to focus on. You know he's there, but can't see him, and the way it's shot makes this work. There are a number of wide shots where there is only 1 person on 1 side of the shot, and without seeing anyone else on the other side of the shot, the framing works so well as to make you feel like someone else is. There was shots where the lighting was made to look like you see him moving, but there really was no one else in the shot, or anything moving. It's so effective at building tension. NO stupid jump scares either, it just stays tense the whole time, and I loved it for that.

I do tend to leave movies that I liked feeling more positive than I might feel later down the line, but it left a good impression on me which is something. I wonder how well it'll hold up on multiple viewings, like if there are more hints to where he is in the shot or something.

Interesting to hear that are no dumb characters when I've heard lots of complaints about how much of an idiot the villain is.


Interesting to hear that are no dumb characters when I've heard lots of complaints about how much of an idiot the villain is.
Maybe a bit arrogant, but I wouldn't say he was an idiot. He's an evil arrogant prick, and sure his whole plan isn't very smart because it's built on the idea of him being an evil asshole, and that is not smart, so you gotta suspend your disbelief a little if you buy into the idea that he would go through with it at all.


As a die hard fan of the classic Universal Monsters, I don’t like how they become invisible. To say anymore would be spoiler territory.
I kinda like what Angry Joe said. Should have given away less in the trailer and called it “The Invisible,” could have made things way more ambiguous heading thru the story


I saw it yesterday and i thought it was just fine. It relied to much in the "is he there or not?" without having any memorable scenes. (The hospital sequence was kind of cool though) Moss was great, you can feel her anxiety. The movie cost 8m dollars, and i think once you know this as i did before watching the movie, you get an idea of what they will be able to do and what not, what i mean is you wont get any surprises in the visual department which was a con since like i say they rely way too much in the "is he there or not" to the point of repetitiveness. Its an alright movie, and i think the critics were more positive than they should have. Upgrade on other hand (director's previous movie) in my opinion is a much better movie and a sleeper hit.

The ending
was weird, i didnt understand what was the purpose of the extended frame of her face.
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Really liked the movie though there are moments you are like why would you do thatttt. The trailers don’t really spoil that much out of hey the dudes invisible and hey they throw stuff on him that makes him visible which happen in the middle.
Saw it last night. It's not a bad movie but I'm not terribly fond of it either. Lots of plot holes and moments where they want you to shut your brain off, like "just don't think too much into it ok?"

However, there is one aspect of it that I thought it was kinda interesting after the ending: they never really showed the main character being abused by her husband, did they? The only time we ACTUALLY see him being violent (it could have been his brother in the suit the entire time) is when he punches the window at the very beginning of the movie, because she's running away and lets the dog off the leash. So for all we know, she's actually the crazy one in the relationship.. like Amber Heard or some other crazy bitch. :messenger_hushed:

Also, kudos to the director for no jump scares.
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Collider asks: What’s next for Universal Monsters after ‘The Invisible Man,” and does anyone know if Elizabeth Banks’ ‘Invisible Woman project is connected or still in play?



Saw the movie. It was pretty ok. Solid stuff from beginning to end. Could've been better, could've been worse. It was really tense at some points and had some great twists here and there. One digital effect towards the end of the movie was really bad.

I guessed the main plot twist very early and I'm quite happy it stayed ambiguous about the details of it.
It's not really clear if the husband was really in on it. I guess maybe the "surprise" word might've been put there to prove it really was him at some points but it could also be about her just imagining it was the same voice and jumping on to conclusions. I think it's possible the husband's brother was always the invisible man and the husband really told the truth when he said he wasn't in on it.

The ending
was weird, i didnt understand what was the purpose of the extended frame of her face.

I think it gives the viewer time to make their own mind about whether she was breathing fresh air of freedom because of actually being legit free from a super asshole husband or if she's the asshole there who went overboard with the will for revenge and killed the wrong guy for wrong reasons. She's either getting free from all the bullshit she had endured or she had gone insane, over the line.
Anyone listen to Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero? He's a late night talk host that frequently discusses conspiracy theories, UFOs, etc.

He saw Invisible Man and highly recommends it.

Sadly I'm guessing this movie could have been part of that Dark Universe cinematic universe but that dumb ass Mummy remake killed any chance of that.
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Great movie. Shame it had to come out of theaters so quickly. It deserved better.

A hollywood thriller with no fucking jump scares released in 2020. That alone is reason for praise. If you like thriller movies and think this was "just ok", you're weird.


This movie was so bad. I think this movie should've gone straight to digital only and for free.

The acting was so bad, the plot was really shit too!
the superman stuff where he easily lift her up with one hand and start throwing her around the house, and in jail where he got injured but still managed to take care of all the cops! Like how?
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