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Deals 1-Year PlayStation Plus Memberships Drop to $34 (CDKeys US Only)


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Dec 3, 2013

Over the last few weeks we've seen deals on 12-month PlayStation Plus memberships hover in the $37 range, but things got kicked up a notch today. There are several sales to choose from, but the best of them is priced at $33.99 right now. That's 43% off list and one of the best prices we've ever seen on a full year membership.

The deal is available here at CDKeys (US only) while it lasts. The code is digital so you'll get it right away in your order confirmation email (don't forget that they're stackable!). The CDKeys code will work just fine, but, as noted, there are other options if you prefer to go with something more familiar. There's an eBay deal on a physical card that's available here for $37.50. Woot (an Amazon company) also has memberships on sale for $45.99. Once you have your account topped up, check out the games that you can play for free in the month of April and a preview of the free games that you might see in May. Additional perks of membership can be found below.

Again, PlayStation Plus memberships are stackable, and with this deal you can load up your account for the launch of the PS5 and beyond.

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