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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim |OT| It feels chilly inside the cockpit!


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Release date: Sep 22, 2020
Platform: PS4
Genre(s): Adventure, real-time strategy

13 Sentinels is primarily set during a fictionalised version of the 1980s in the Shōwa period, but also jumps between Japan during the later years of World War II and the distant future. The story follows its thirteen protagonists, all of high school age, as they are dragged from their normal lives into a fantastical war against invading alien forces, fighting their Kaijuu army using the Sentinel mechas.
The storyline is split between multiple characters, and by following each character the player aims to avert a disastrous future for mankind.


Juro Kurabe

A mild-mannered young high school student trying to live a normal life in the 80s. Rarely excited, he is fond of campy old sci-fi movies, with their giant robots and space invasions. But it seems like everyone in his life is trying to manipulate him for their own ominous ends...

Iori Fuyusaka

She believes she's an ordinary high school girl, with dreams and crushes and a sweet tooth. However, she finds herself at the center of a massive conspiracy, called on to help stop an apocalypse before the world is doomed. What she's not sure about is: can she really answer that call?

Ei Sekigahara

A stoic young man with amnesia, Ei finds himself next to a dead body without any memories of his past. Declared a boy "from another dimension", he's constantly pursued by armed gunmen in black suits, and often finds himself in intense life-or-death situations. Through investigating the clues and people in 1985, he chases the truth behind his lost memories...

Keitarou Miura

A dutiful young soldier from 1945, fiercely dedicated to defending his country. He'd lay down his life if it meant saving even a single soul. Chosen as part of a secret military program to pilot a new weapon called a "Sentinel", Miura soon discovers that his true enemies lie beyond World War II...

Megumi Yakushiji

A shy, composed girl of few words, with a nurturing domestic side. While she's devoted to her beloved, Juro, he himself has lost all memory of their past relationship. Goaded on by a mysterious talking cat, she agrees to a "contract"—willing to go to any lengths to restore the boy she loves.

Natsuno Minami

A perky, friendly girl on her school's track team who loves a good sci-fi story. When she discovers a small robot hiding in the school, it seems like a story out of one of her favorite movies. However, she finds herself drawn into a massive, apocalyptic conspiracy in which the danger of her shows becomes disturbingly real.

Nenji Ogata

A high school punk with a heart of gold. He prefers to punch first and ask questions later, so when he gets involved in a convoluted conspiracy, most of the geek talk goes over his head. Still, he's determined to bust through and save the girl—even if he's resigned to her thinking he's just another thug.

Renya Gouto

A cold, brilliant young man who will use any means necessary to find the truth. Gouto processes information and stunning revelations with a calm, ready intelligence that baffles (or outpaces) the adults around him. He's no villain, but he knows what's at stake, and what must be done.

Ryoko Shinonome

An aloof agent desperate to prove her worth to her unrequited love (and mentor), Tetsuya Ida. A mission gone wrong left Ryoko with traumatic brain damage, and dependent on a medicine of unclear origins. Still, she fights through the mental fog and pain to untangle the conspiracies...

Shu Amiguchi

An easygoing late-80s high-school playboy, quick to make friends and quick to flirt. Tries not to take life too seriously, whether it's on his side or not. But when his TV turns on by itself, and an idol starts talking to him through it, begging for his help in unraveling a mystery... he rolls with it as best he can.

Takatoshi Hijiyama

A confident young Japanese soldier in the 1940s, displaced from his home and dropped into a city both foreign and familiar. Adrift, old-fashioned, and out of place, he struggles to make sense of all the changes in the world... and then, after months of living as a solitary vagrant, he finds the young man responsible for uprooting his life.

Tomi Kisaragi

A flippant, sly teenager. She often hangs out with her gal pals after school, getting snacks and chatting like any other, but she seems to know more than she's letting on. Determined to investigate the mysteries of her fate, she surreptitiously follows whatever lead she can, only to discover an even greater peril awaiting her...

Yuki Takamiya

A surly delinquent who (reluctantly) infiltrates the school as a spy to save her best friend. Despite her disdain for her underhanded allies, she stubbornly seeks the truth when everyone else has something to hide. Tough and caustic, but she's got a protective streak and a sharp mind.




Me too except....

Amazon decided to screw me over....

Sorry to hear that OP : (
I preordered gravity rush 2 a few months before release and they delayed me receiving the game by 2 weeks.
I complained and received a free month of prime and $5 which was better than nothing.

Just finished GoT and now super looking forward to this : )


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Fucking Amazon.
As much as people complain about EBgames/Gamestop, Amazon screws up my order way more often than those guys are.

The only reason I order the game form Amazon because it was already sold out at my local EBgames.
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Coming in tomorrow (Tuesday) from Amazon.... supposedly.
I pre-ordered on June 30 - I wonder why people are getting it later?

Very much excited to play the game, and so far I haven't read anything about the game. (Sorry OP, not even your several posts regarding the game... avoiding everything now. lol)
Absolutely terrific OT my friend Danjin44 Danjin44 , you're the man! I'll be getting this game as soon as possible (which may not be so soon, but it WILL happen). Will go blind so I won't be around too much, but kudos on the work and for doing your part to build an audience for this game. It deserves it.


Does anyone know what the enhancements for the PS4 Pro will be for this game?
I searched through some reviews and tried to find an article on it and wasn't able to find anything. I'm guessing the usual increased resolution?
Edit: I did read somewhere that it's locked to 60fps


The nicest person on this forum
Does anyone know what the enhancements for the PS4 Pro will be for this game?
I searched through some reviews and tried to find an article on it and wasn't able to find anything. I'm guessing the usual increased resolution?
Edit: I did read somewhere that it's locked to 60fps
I think its going be same as Odin Sphere leifthrasir and Dragon Crown pro on PS4pro.
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I've got the digital all ready to go, and seeing people play it early... man the lucky bastards. The game is a genuine work of art. Absolutely gorgeous. Every time Vanillaware releases a new game I think they can't top themselves, and yet here I am sat in awe. Well done. I kept my physical edition as well 'cause I also want the artbook. Love the one from Dragon's Crown. And especially all the Doujins and fan "art" hehehe. :messenger_winking:

I had to double dip to show support. Really excited to see how they managed to weave the narrative around so many characters. Must've been so daunting.


For me its coin toss if amazon deliver my order in time, I might not getting at release date but at least is not in 28th or 29th
They used to be "the" place to order games. I wanted to get the physical version of GoT from them, but they said it wouldn't be delivered until 2 weeks after release. I was pretty happy this was available.


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Not sure what's up with my copy. It left a Fedex place an hour away at 4am an no updates since. Hasn't made it to the Fedex place in my town or anything. I'm guessing it will probably be coming tomorrow now since Fedex already came through my neighborhood. It's probably late since I laughed at Danjin :pie_roffles:


Just got mine via UPS. Didn’t know it came with the art book. :).

the disc was loose in the case though... and visually there’s no damage - hopefully it would play well. Can’t get to it till later tonight though... :(
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