2014 Microsoft E3 Conference

Jul 26, 2006
Yeah. Well. It was a solid no-bullshit presentation, but it simply lacked any real surprises. Mostly because everything new already leaked beforehand - from Platinum Games to Master Chief Collection and Crackdown, we've known vaguely about everything.
Aug 11, 2012
Was interesting to see more of Ubisoft at Xbox.

Kinda grateful we won't have to see AC at a Sony conference for once.

Guess that means BF, Far Cry, and MGSV at Sony then from the big multiplats? Should leave a lot of room for more exclusive things I suppose.
Oct 19, 2010
I'm really hyped for this fall. Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, and Halo Collection.

I wasn't as excited about the stuff they announced for next year and beyond, but then I remember that I already know Quantum Break, Halo 5, and Forza 6 are coming next year, so that's cool.


May 31, 2013
I don't know why I'm surprised that so many people are saying they're disappointed. You guys must have absolutely ridiculous expectations.

Wall to wall games, plenty of exclusives, that conference was great in my opinion. Short of ending the show with a big bomb, I have no complaints.
Yep, amazing show.
Jan 29, 2014
A fantastic E3 for Microsoft. Phil Spencer is truly changing things quickly and doing it with great success. I am really starting to like Microsoft again.

In fact, give me a white $299 Xbox One by the time Crackdown "3" releases and you might even see me on Xbox Live again.

So many great games shown and that Platinum Games exclusive looked very interesting. But my heart goes out to Crackdown no doubt. Also that one indie game about the forest was really saddening and looked good.
Dec 12, 2010
Horrible conference, only indies, DR3's hilarious DLC trailer and Sunset Overdrive's into trailer saved it for me. There really wasn't a single WOW moment thanks to the leaks and the tragic overuse of CGI trailers.

I'm particularly disappointed in Platinum's game, I hate the art direction, but of course we don't know anything about it yet.

Feb 18, 2013
Solid but disappointed, to be honest as I was underwhelmed. I expected more in terms of announcements, to say they are on the back foot I just wanted more. I'm not a Halo fan, Forza and Sunset looked good, Crackdown was great to see and COD is meh to me. A lot of stuff is on competing platforms like COD, Creed, Witcher, Division, Tomb Raider.

I don't know really, they certainly should stick to that pacing for future conferences but yeah, I expected more unannounced stuff.

May 3, 2011
Clemson Tiger Country
Sony or Nintendo need just a single "surprise" to raise the bar after this one.
Literally everything was leaked or known beforehand. People at MS must have been frustrated as hell.
What could Sony or Nintendo possibly surprise us with?

TLG wouldn't be a surprise.

Seems there have been "rumors" or leaks on everything we can come up with.

I'd think the only surprises would have to be completely new IPs no-one had a clue about, from a big studio.

We all expect Zelda and some other Nintendo games.

I suppose an out of the blue New 3D Mario game in the style of Galaxy or 64 would surprise me. That would be nice.


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Aug 22, 2007
pretty average conference. most of the shit i was excited about was also available on PC.

Phantom Dust is an odd choice to bring back from the dead.
Halo games cool.
Witcher 3 was hot.

that's about it.
Jun 25, 2005
My first impression of the conference for the first half was that it was a boring mess outside of Sunset Overdrive.

Then, everything just started coming around. Nice announcements (even if they were all leaked or teased a long time ago), game focus, a good mix of variety.

Seven Halos out of five Dreamworks Faces.


Jun 10, 2004
Windsor, UK
felt like a 'reset button' E3 to me.

Lots of 'we listened to you', 'we will build it for you', 'thank you', and 'new xbox' stuff.

Nothing earth-shattering but not bad.

Was pretty disappointed by Forza Horizon, looked pretty average - of course the key will be how it plays, and the town stuff could be the closest we'll ever get to a modern PGR. Just the tech didn't look that great. (Driveclub also still has to prove itself from a gameplay point of view..)

Nothing on Quantum Break, so really nothing until Gamescom then..
May 10, 2013
My thoughts -

* Ori was the highlight it looked absolutely fantastic.

* Cuphead and Inside also looked amazing.

* The Witcher III footage looked brilliant and it was great to see Tomb Raider 2 announced.

* New game reveals were mostly disappointing as they were largely CG.

* Way too many third party titles

* No footage from Halo 5 was disappointing.

* The focus on games was great and the pace was fantastic. Structurally what I want to see out of all conferences.

Overall it was a tad disappointing. The new games were way to far off and CG trailers suck. The third party content was pretty useless as generally you know those will be superior on PS4. I expected more exclusives and surprises - no real megatons or big announcements outside of Crackdown and the Platinum Game (but again it was just CG).
Yeah. I almost forgot it. That thing was damn beautiful. Best of the conf.
Edit: I mean Ori


Aug 20, 2012
The fact that a lot of posters in here are disappointed is mainly due to the fact that... MS's conference was waaaay over hyped. It was only logical that they wouldn't be able to deliver.

And people responsible are not MS, but some Xbox fans, who once again over hyped this to have all these third party exclusives, yet the result is a Platinum game that like Yoshi said, will sell 2 copies. Even the Wii U has 2x Platinum exclusives.

Microsoft's financial strength as a large corporation has continued to make people believe they can pull of some major deals here.

They had a very fast paced conference and i thought Spencer came across as genuine and great.
Dec 26, 2006
6/10. CGI galore, and way too much multiplatform shit. New platinum games was the highlight, allthough the main character looks like rhe biggest douche since remake Dante. Probably a good showing if you already own a bone, but not fucking much for the fence sitters. If sony drops either beast souls or TLG, then its back to 3rd row for microsoft.
Oct 20, 2009
A lot of great B-tier games (minus Witcher 3 of course). Probably one of the best conferences I've ever seen but none of the games got me saying, "I need an Xbox One right now." I think I'm just jaded. Bare in mind that all I want from E3 is Last Guardian and Project Beast so I'm also biased.

I'd give it a good 9/10. Well done Phil Spencer.

also, where was Quantum Break? Did it get Remedy'd? :/


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Oct 1, 2012
I think we can all agree that the Conker bit on Project Spark was complete bullshit. I seriously thought for a second they were going to show a new Conker game. Oh, you want Conker? Make it yourself, fucker.
Nov 6, 2013
Sunset - Looks like fun, enjoyed the R&C games
Fable - I always have hope and they've sucked. Hopefuly this changes things
Halo 1-4 - played them all but still get me pretty excited
Crackdown - CG trailer but I enjoy the first loads

Division looks great still, but that team speak was pretty lame.
AC Unity actually looks great, might be my first AC game