2014 Microsoft E3 Conference

May 9, 2013
Shifting between this:

Didn't sway me, but it was easily their best show in years. They did a great job with cutting out all the bullshit.
And this:

underwhelming show overall - no real surprises and lots of cg
So this?:

No megatons, too much CG, but still good conference overall. "It's more fun on Xbox." lol guess it doesn't look better.
(The slogan works better when partly in French: "It's more fun on Xbox Un". Badamtish)

In conclusion I liked their pacing, focus on games and Phil's presence, but didn't care much for the heavy use of CG. Still, games like Phantum Dust, Scalebound, Ori, Inside and Crackdown 3 did get me excited to some degree. I'm less sure about how I feel about Sunset Overdrive now though, but at the same time more excited about The Witcher 3. The rest of the lineup wasn't really for me, but I'm sure many others will care about them (CoD, Halo, Forza).
Dec 6, 2008
If people think this is anything more than good they are way too easily impressed. Absolutely no gameplay from any of their big announcements. MS continue their trend of announcing games waaaay too early.
May 15, 2005
Appreciate the focus on gaming alone.
The biggest problem for me was that most of the games simply did nothing for me.

The decision looks awesome, and I like seeing crackdown again.
But seeing more cgi crap instead of gameplay put a serious damper on it.
For instance, I love Platinum games, but that thing did nothing for me. :-/

Pretty stupid having everyone pretend they were playing live as well. Who actually falls for that crap?
Jun 23, 2013
I don't understand how people rate these conferences. Are people responding as "these are games I like" or "this makes me want to buy an xbone?" If it's the former, obviously this was a great conference. They showed a ton of games that are going to be awesome and sell tons. If it's the latter, why the fuck would this make me want an xbone? The platform is going to have the worst version of the majority of the games they showed at their own conference.
Dec 8, 2011
Pretty unremarkable presser. What was the AAA 3rd party exclusive? Tales from my ass, or was it supposed to be Scalebound?

6/10 - Mostly for the no nonsense presentation which was super refreshing.

I will say one thing, as someone who has been anti Call of Duty for the past 3 entries, advanced warfare has my curiosity. There seem to be some interesting gameplay mechanics unique to the series.
May 27, 2013
I thought it was a great show! I will admit, i'll be getting all the multiplat games they showed on PS4, but definitely excited for their exclusives. Don't own an xbone now but i know when it's cheap enough for me to go for a second console i'm definitely getting one and i welcome all these great looking games. Nothing earth shattering today but a very good and strong showing!
Not bad from MS and a vast improvement over last year. Phil's influence is obvious. Just lacked a few WOW moments that we'll be talking about in a years time (like 2013)

6/10 but boosted to 7/10 due to a great lack of bullshit.

Halo collection looks awesome as does Sunset Overdrive. The Witcher was amazing and the rest were pretty much CG.

Indies looked very good though.


Neo Member
Sep 15, 2012
7/10. Lots of games to follow into the future, but it was hard to get excited with the endless trailer wankery, the attempts at banter between players are just awful and need to stop.
Dec 23, 2013
I'd give it a 7/10. Their attitude with the whole thing was great and some of the games have me genuinely interested in an Xbox One. The Halo collection sound amazing to be honest and I really enjoyed seeing PlayDead's new game as LIMBO is one of my favorite games of all time. Let's be honest, it was the best coference they've had in a very long time.


Dec 8, 2009
I think the conference was pretty solid. I'm very happy that I own and Xbox One, and this second semester looks amazing.

I agree that there were no surprises, no "megatons".. And I was kind of expecting one, but that doesn;'t detract from the overall quality of the conference.
Oct 9, 2005
7 / 10

Wish the would have touch on the firmware roadmap since they have been updating almost monthly. Like a look into the future.

Not much they could do with the line up of games. Nothing really ready to be shown. A lot of CGI trailers. A lot of 2016 maybe some in 2015 games.

They just had way too high expectation coming into E3. Really nothing for 2014 that wasnt know. Leaks hurt them because i knew just about everything but crackdown...but really who didnt see that coming.

Really no megaton to speak of...
Apr 17, 2011
Master Chief Collection is a system seller...can't believe people are denying this

And Halo 5 probably not long after
Remakes are legit, I love playing through enhanced versions of my old favorites when its been several years.

Of course, I wait for them to be massively cut in price and buy them on sale, but they are still enjoyable experiences.


Jan 27, 2013
Winnipeg, MB
5/10 for me, only for the focus on games.

None of the exclusives do anything for me, and all the multiplatform titles they showed are going to look and play better on PC/PS4.

Crackdown is probably the only exclusive I'm interested in.
Jan 31, 2010
I thought they definitely showed some great progress in overall vision but the power of their announcements was hampered by lack of gameplay footage of the games we really wanted to see. I'm still not getting an Xbox One but the reason for that is more and more starting to become that I just went with PS4 first, buying an Xbox is starting to seem like a reasonable choice and one I wouldn't necessarily dissuade people from making like I used to.