2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP, and Prepare to Feedback

Positive Buyer Feedback for LaserLaser

Positive Buyer Feedback for PastorOfMuppets

Positive Buyer Feedback for neonglow

Positive Buyer Feedback for drkdragon

Positive Buyer Feedback for data

Good Communication and fast payment for all of the great people above. Enjoy the games!
Maybe this has been covered already but how do we get credit for feedback from the BST Thread that hasn't gone into the Google Docs yet? I've recently sold several items and received and given positive feedback but it has not been updated in the Google Docs. Do I have to reach out to my buyers and all them to repost feedback here or what?
I'm sure the guys that upadte the feedback will have something to work that out. They're probably just busy with their lives to update the feedback atm. Just give it a little time.
positive seller feedback for neonglow, who sold me a division uplay key.

positive seller feedback for MarcoZombieCannon, who also sold me a division uplay key.
Mega Positive Seller Feedback for Otheradam

There was an issue and the package was never delivered. He went out of his way to check the post office to see if there were errors and when it turned out the package would never come, he refunded me the cost in full. Awesome, trustworthy seller.