2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP, and Prepare to Feedback

May 14, 2007
Hey guys,

As Cloggerdude mentioned earlier in the thread, we're trying to automate the gathering of feedback in this thread as much as possible. I have a working script that crawls through the thread and searches for a specific feedback pattern. You can check out a sample of the results here: http://textuploader.com/5noty (the bottom part of the file is the interesting part).

BUT to make this work, we need your help with the format of your feedback posts. As the OP mentions, it should look like this:

Positive/Negative/Neutral Buyer/Seller feedback for InsertNameHere

The bolding of the text isn't that important, but having a line like this in the body of your post for each person you're giving feedback to is. Here are some examples of good and bad posts:

Positive buyer feedback for user1
Positive buyer feedback for user2
Positive buyer feedback for user3
Positive buyer feedback for user1, user2, user3
Positive buyer feedback for user1 and user2
Also, moving your comments to a different line will help the script more accurately find the usernames:

Positive seller feedback for Cloggerdude

Great guy, sold me his soul
Positive seller feedback for Cloggerdude - his soul belongs to me
Positive seller feedback for Cloggerdude. Great guy!
The script may pick up anything after "Cloggerdude" and think it's part of the username, especially since GAF allows spaces and symbols as part of usernames.

Lastly, if you guys could refrain from putting punctuation like exclamation points and periods at the end of each feedback line (unless it's part of the user's name), that would be great. It's not a big deal, but again, GAF allows those symbols in usernames so the script will pick them up.

Positive buyer feedback for Nightz
Positive buyer feedback for Nightz!
Positive buyer feedback for Nightz
Apologies in advance for potentially having you guys change the way you've been leaving feedback, but as a former feedback list updater, I know that updating the list takes a LOT of time and effort. This was created to help our current updaters to save some of that time. The good news is that most people in here are already doing feedback correctly. Others just need to make some minor tweaks. :) Thanks for your cooperation!
Jul 18, 2013
Positive seller feedback for kswiston

Quick and easy trade, had no issues


Positive seller feedback for blainethemono

Same as above, quick and easy trade.
May 31, 2014
Cape Coral, FL
Positive Buyer feedback for maxcriden.

Even though there were issues and miscommunication from my side of things, it has been a very positive experience. This was my first experience with the GAF Buy/Sell/Trade process. Would do it again!
May 7, 2011
Maybe this has been covered already but how do we get credit for feedback from the BST Thread that hasn't gone into the Google Docs yet? I've recently sold several items and received and given positive feedback but it has not been updated in the Google Docs. Do I have to reach out to my buyers and all them to repost feedback here or what?