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Oct 22, 2013
Aftershave Bundles - UK & EU Buyers

Hugo Boss:

Collection of Hugo Boss products which were purchased at different dates. "The Scent" isn't sealed and has wear on the packaging due to storage, but the bottles haven't been used. "Just Different" aftershave is complete in the box and sealed, whereas the other bottle is 3/4 full. All were purchased in the UK by certified dealers, and I'm offering free postage in the price.
• Hugo Boss - The Scent Gift Set (50ml Eau De Toilette & 75ml Deodorant Stick)
• Hugo Boss - Just Different (Sealed), 75ml
• Hugo Boss - Man (3/4 Full), 75ml

Other Aftershaves:

Collection of men's aftershaves from several familiar brands. Ralph Lauren Four is sealed, as is the Ted Baker London bottle. Joop! Homme Extreme is also sealed, but the plastic wrapping has come loose on the corner, so I've added tape to hold it in place. All items were purchased in the UK by certified dealers, and I'm including free postage as standard.

• Ralph Lauren - 4, 75ml
• Ted Baker - London, 75ml
• Joop! - Homme Extreme X, 125ml

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