2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP, and Prepare to Feedback

Positive buyer feedback for NIN90

Positive buyer feedback for Silfolion

Positive buyer feedback for Lambtron

Positive buyer feedback for YoungOne

Thank you all.
Positive Seller feedback for Lunaniem

Bought 2 codes (FC Primal and Ashes). Had an issue with Ashes and he/she was very prompt with response/refund.


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Positive Seller Feedback for Lunaniem!

Why do we have to bold stuff if there is a dedicated feedback thread now?

Jesus Carbomb

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Positive buyer feedback for Sydle
Quick and painless transaction for a digital movie code. Thanks!

Positive buyer feedback for bearcatjosh
Smooooooooth. Thanks for another easy transaction.
I've been sending polite PM's to certain users, but I would ask that everyone please take a second to look over the formatting rule in the OP.

We have someone that is currently working on an automated script to collect feedback, but the only way it is ever going to work is if people actually use the requested format for their feedback. I know not everyone frequents this thread all the time, so the feedback team and I will try to stay on top of random errors, but I just wanted to give some background as to why the format is so important going forward.
Positive Seller feedback for KiDdYoNe

Originally have a minor issue trying to get the games from him but eventually found out a way to get it. Thanks for KiDdYoNe for the games.