2017 PC Screenshot Thread

So I was playing around with the UE3 tiledshot (x6!!) feature while playing at 1440p, accidently getting a ridiculous 15360x8640 pixels. Each image is ~400mb and takes 45 seconds to capture.

It's a stupidly large resolution with a stupidly large filesize that's almost impossible to share in its original form. I'm gonna cut it down back to 1440p (but each image is effectively downsampled to the max.) This was because I misinterpreted the col.edit and thought that 8192 was the resolution figure and not the x6 multiplier. I

These are normal screenshots, 1440p with Reshade + SweetFX. I also used an FOV editor and fiddled around with NVIDIA Inspector/Shadowplay. Unfortunately SweetFX does not work with tiledshot and I doubt there's a work around. Does anyone have a fix?

Random17, instead of using tiledshot, you can also just use GeDoSato and play with whatever high resolution your computer is capable of.

I released new camera tools which now make the shot above possible :) Also input blocking is now reliable so you can block input to the game and fly around with the controller without moving 47 too.
Can't believe how good this looks. These two screenshots are epic.
I never want games for the graphics only, but I'd almost be willing to make an exception for this one.
Game is a looker that's for sure! Dice did a tremendous job with "Frostbite 3" and it's really showing! Last time i said "wow, look at those graphics" was with "Crytek's Crysis" but just like that game, gameplay/storyline could be better!