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It's ok, I understand. I get things wrong all the time.

Seriously. Season 4. Jack takes on a fucking whole compound of guys to save Heller. Palmers in it. Logan gets introduced and has a great run in it. The Chinese Embassy thing is great. Audrey isn't annoying. Tony and Michelle are in it. A good EMP subplot and decent firefight after. An element of almost finality and closure with the ending.

Season 6 has...?
I don't hate S6. It's slow and Jack is all but twiddling his thumbs in parts but it also has some of his highest highs("Damn Jack...") along with tons of MGS parallel, but it isn't in the same league as S4.

S4 is the most fun, most rewatcable season of them all imo. It features an all-star roster of 24 greats not to mention non stop ridiculous fuckery from beginning to end:

-Jack robbing a bumfuck gas station and taking a terrorist hostage
-Tony day drinking and watching soccer while being emasculated by his sleezy girlfriend
-Tony running CTU hours later
-Tony back with Michelle hours after that
-Araz family drama highlighted by Dina poisoning Behrooz's stalker girlfriend while showing her baby pictures
-Edgar computer scienceing the shit out of nuclear meltdowns
-CTU using sensory deprivation to torture Sec. Heller's poor hipster son out of the closet
-Paul Reigns allowing himself to be tortured with a hotel lamp so Audrey feels sorry for him
-Jack leading redshirts to victory over a private military force
-Mandy wreaking utter havoc on an apartment complex

I could go on. And while he was no Henderson(or Saunders or Drazen), Marwan was a worthy a villain.
Oh shit, a one-two combo!

Hell Yes!!!

So pumped for 24 tonight. Glad they went with a reboot, but tbh I wish Jack Bauer was involved in some capacity. Even if it meant he was just a cameo. This should have ties to the original series but still be completely new, if it isn't already.

Edit: just read the Op. Tony is in! WTF, this is going to be amazing lol.

I'm worried about Prison Break but it could be good still. They will never capture what made that first season so amazing again but I'll take what I can get!
5 > 1 > 4 > 2 = 3 > 9 > 7 > 6 > 8

7 started it, and then 8 completely destroyed Jack's character. Not in a tragic sort of way, but a fuck these writers sort of way.
How is this show gonna work? The black guy always dies first

pls don't ban me

It's better this way. 24 episodes is too many and they have to stretch out the season with dumb filler, a fake villain to start with, a mole in CTU, then the last third of the season we get the final villain reveal. Less episodes means they can cut out a lot of the junk.
I loved the "junk".

They should have cast someone else for the lead guy, he just doesn't seem menacing at all.

Probably should have made Tony the lead
S4 is the most fun, most rewatcable season of them all imo.
The second worst season after season 6 imo. The focus on the boring villain Marwan grew tiresome fast. It was all "Marwan this" and "Marwan that", which didn't make sense because he was such an awful character.


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Maybe not the best show to come back, knowing Trump watches lots of Fox tv.

Though, having a black man being the lead character will maybe turn him away.
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