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Just wanted to break up the pace a bit and make more of a fun little community thread.

The rules are simple - List 5 interesting facts that relate to you in gaming.

They can range from your favorite/least favorite games, unpopular/controversial opinions in gaming or even work related gaming stuff if you are involved in the industry some how. I'll kick things off first!

5 - Zelda franchise is not my cup of tea, but I respect it. Oh, Skyrim is also overrated.

4 - I think the The Coalition with Gears 6 will push the gaming visual fidelity forward with UE5.

3 - I tend to get lost in mobile games and writing on NeoGaf while taking time-bending shits on the toilet

2 - I work in the gaming industry since 2013

1 - Jeff Parrot the current Art Director for World of Warcraft was my former teacher 12 years ago or so in a university when I was learning 3D Game Art.

Your turn fellas!
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5 my first ever game experience was Shadow Knights back in 1993. Next were Prince of Persia, Test Drive 2, Ski or Die, Gods . Those were all played on my friend's computer. Sadly we lost touch after high school. I know there's no chance you are reading this, Shteryu :(

4 I didn't game much for 15 years. Then I got a 360, a ps3, a vita... To quite The Lion King, "it starts..."

3 my favorite experience on ps3 was hands down uncharted

2 I love point and click adventures and want to make one

1 I have a boxed ps5 and still haven't used it lol
5. I can’t stand fucking fanboys, which is crazy to me in 2022 because all of these videogames are ass, literally.

4. I always wanted to raid for the Death And Taxes guild on the Korgath server until Blizzard released BC and killed WoW.

3. I personally think most of the gamers on this board are retarded.

2. If you got cooked in a Halo 2 lobby back in the day by a guy spamming Combat Evolve Flood music into the mic, I’m him.

1. Grove Street 4 life
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1. I have zero interest in multiplayer games, online shooters, mobile or F2P games. Out of all I've tried, Warframe is the only one I gave a shit about. Singleplayer 4 life.

2. Resident Evil was my number one franchise until I played Demon's Souls. Now RE is number 2 and Soulsborne is my number one. And Final Fantasy is my number 3.

3. I used to work as a freelance gaming journalist writing articles and reviews for a larger publication in my country during 2012 - 2016 but I quit due to it sucking out all the fun out of gaming, trying to hit stressful deadlines, toxic gamers whining about review scores and the industry in general being kinda shady.

4. I've been gaming my entire life starting when I was 6 years old with my mom renting a NES with Mario. My interest in gaming never stopped waning, and when everyone around me dropped gaming because they "grew up", I doubled down and continued my hobby without second thoughts. It's a part of me I can't let go of.

5. I love retro gaming, particularly the PS1/Saturn era. I also love smaller games, often the weird, unique and obscure and Im not afraid of trying out these games as they can often surprise you with interesting stories and mechanics. These games often go hand in hand with my game collecting, as I research a lot about them so I can find them and add them to my collection.
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- Sometimes I enjoy games that score 6-7 more than the ones with 9-10

- I don't like it when child characters are voiced by actual children. I would rather they get an adult woman to do it (Dishonored 1 bad, RDR2 good)

- My created characters are always male, but if they look stupid (like Cyberpunk) I go with female

- I enjoyed Hitman Absolution more than the other entries

- I really miss using old computer mice to play shooters
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5. Brood war is my favorite game
4. I did the 3 heart no continue run in 6th grade Ocarina of Time and my friend deleted the save -_-
3. My friend said he would buy my copy of Starcraft 2 if I hit on the chick cosplaying Kerrigan, I told her there was only enough room for one queen on my creep.
2. I have bought 2 switches and never even use them.
1. I was at the WoW vanilla midnight release where Blizzard was signing copies at Frys, waiting in line and some dudes that were at the front got a copy of collectors edition drove around the building taunting people with one of the guys in the back of a pickup truck holding it up to the sky yelling at everyone "See you bitches in Azeroth." They hit a speed bump and the guy falls out and pancakes nasty. 500 Nerds erupt in laughter at him. He springs back up and gets in the bed again and they drive off.
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1. Am an utterly delusional Sega fanboy. I know Sega are monumental fuckups, the architects of their own demise but I still love them and patiently await their glorious triumphant return in the guise of the Dreamcast 2. It WILL happen.

2. Used to be a 'hardcore' console gamer now I consider myself quite casual. Spent about 20 of my 42 years obsessing over games, suddenly completely lost interest around the ps2 era and didn't get back into them until the Switch arrived on the scene. Bought every console in between but rarely used any of them. The 20 year gap was filled with fps PC gaming.

3. If a game doesn't click with me in a matter of minutes, in the bin it goes regardless of quality.

4. Doom is the greatest game ever made and will never be surpassed.

5. I once had a wank over a pic of Amy Rose when there was nothing else available.

1. My first gaming memories where on a wooden box looking vcs (missile command and pac man for the win 😁)
2. When it comes to horde mode. Gears of war 2, on the village map is just god tier with friends
3. I used to play moonstone, get the game ending glitch and would just start again. Over & over & over 🙈🤣
4. I stepped away from games after the Amiga generation
I even swapped my snes for an air rifle !!!! 😭 But super Mario 64 and goldeneye brought me back, with a side helping of ps1 ❤️
5. The open hostility between owners of tech filled plastic boxes both disappoints, astonishes and makes me laugh. All at the same time. But I still think we are truly living in a golden age and there are more experiences out there, than ever before 😎


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1. When I was growing up all I wanted was games that looked more realistic. Most games that do pursue 'realism' do so at the cost of enjoyment.

2. Games are loops, yet a significant chunk of modern games are boring/tedious to replay.

3. I hate this trend of games needing to be ultra deep and have politics, Hollywood scripts or emotional meanings. It's a game. It's mostly surface level. Just give us a base story with the quest and make it gripping.

4. I've rediscovered the joys of multiplayer through many PvE co op games and even slightly competitive with apex. Even started talking to randoms which I never imagined

5. The best experiences I've had online with communities has been red dead dead online, division 2 and diablo 3.
1. Have been trying my hand at game development since I got my first PC at the age of 14 or so. Did some stuff with RPG Maker but never got anything completed. Currently have 2 Game Maker projects and I'm confident on finishing at least one of them.

2. I think SMT IV's OST is probably on the Top 5 of videogame OSTs. 17 battle themes and a ton of music for ambience, exploring and so on both with medieval and sci-fy themes.

3. Don't mind the jank as long as the game is fun. Dragon's Dogma is one of my favorites.

4. I agree with Carmack when he said that videogame stories should be like porn movie stories. Basically an excuse to get to the action, and never the focus of the experience.

5. I think Yakuza is overall the best videogame saga, and DOOM the best videogame.
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The ASCII game ZZT (by Tim Sweeny of Epic of all people) is the reason I learned to program (in QBASIC nonetheless) and make MS DOS games for myself as a hobby all those years ago.

My wife and I have enjoyed almost any and every game we've played together, with the exception of Warcraft 3 (which we played some 15-20 years ago). She loved the campaign and completed it, but we don't play it in multiplayer vs each other anymore because I troll her and piss her off so bad in the game it will lead to divorce.

I once got fired from a tech support job for installing and playing Sid Meier's Civilization 2 on a workstation the day it was released.

I had a much, much better time with my Wii-U than I've had with the Switch I've owned for five years, and think Wii-U games look and run so much better for whatever reason.

I prefer boobs and ass over squat uggos in my games.


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FF14 is my most ever played game, with over 1000 hours

FF7 Remake part 2 is the game I'm looking forward to most

I wish Vanillaware would port Muramasa to modern systems

Namco Bandai is incompetent for not being able to get Tales of Symphonia back to 60 fps like the original release

Having games available digitally is so much better than the olden days of physical games


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1: First game I remember was a Pong clone derivative on my dads Grandstand (I think), but first game that was mine was JetPac on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k (later had 32k soldered to the board to bring up to 48k.
2: Was a Sega man for a while, Master system/Megadrive/32X/Saturn
3: Playstation next, best game was G-Police!
4: Over to PC for a few years, great times Unreal/Half-Life/HL2/Deus X, but spent too much upgrading!
5: Xbox is where I'm at these days. XBOX/360(x3 LOL)/One/One X/Series X. Gamepass is unrivalled value!


1 - I don't like Dragon Quest 8
2 - I always save progressively in multiple slots, at least in 3 slots and always enough to fill the visible page without scrolling
3 - I find the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy superior to the Uncharted trilogy
4 - Sometimes I scream at youtubers/streamers when they play and they miss the most obvious thing, just for them saying "why isn't this game explain things?". Obviously it's useless to do it, but sometimes you can't control it
5 - I firmly believe Anachronox is the best game ever made


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
1. Anyone who talks negatively about RE4 is my enemy
2. I like long walks on the beach
3. I stopped playing games on harder difficulties for the sake of it
4. I don't feel the need to own a lot of games, renting works fine
5. I'm not a Pisces.


I dont like the zelda series, especially the mechanics and choppy frame rate of botw.
I still play my vita
I still play world of warcraft
I hate EA for destroying franchises (latest victim Project cars)
I cant really play this time cause i have a newborn :)

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- Sometimes I enjoy games that score 6-7 more than the ones with 9-10

- I don't like it when child characters are voiced by actual children. I would rather they get an adult woman to do it (Dishonored 1 bad, RDR2 good)

- My created characters are always male, but if they look stupid (like Cyberpunk) I go with female

- I enjoyed Hitman Absolution more than the other entries

- I really miss using old computer mice to play shooters, hence the tag
You forgot to mention the fact where you always buy any game that features mice as characters due to your love for fondling mice balls.
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1. I was the main character designer/illustrator for a Korean PC RPG game called "Corum" back in the 90s. It was trying to be the Diablo of Korea, and later in its dev cycle as it gained momentum, they switched the illustration to more well known illustrator, Hyung Tae Kim. (You know, the guy who's making the Project Eve now)

2. I may have had the highest Tetris DX marathon score in the world. I played like 30min+ every day w/o dying for 2+ years on my GBA SP) Should have kept a screen shot.. :(

3. Been a member (mostly reader) of this board since... original Gaming Age days. Glad it's still going strong after several turbulances! (Never been banned or got even a warning, as far as I remember...lol)

4. I bought Card Captor Sakura: Tomoyo's Video Operation for Dreamcast... limited edition on its release date, and regret to this date. If it wasn't made by Sega, I wouldn't have bought it.

5. I sold all my extensive gaming collection (PSX/PS2/Saturn/DC/Xbox and all classic handhelds + then some) to fund my construction of my home - and shortly after I divorced & sold the house. (urgh)

extra: I'm $300 tier backer for Shenmue 3. No regrets. At least it happened and I was a small part of it making it happen.
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5. My dad used to set up a pillow fort and put a box fan (turned on for effect) in the back of it while my brother and I played B-17 Bomber on the Intellivision. We had the add on for the voice effect too, lol.
4. Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda.
3. The bulk of Sony first party games don't interest me, but PlayStation is my console of choice.
2. I think I'm done with Nintendo consoles/games. Not even sure if I'll play BOTW2, but my wife has a Switch so it's still an option.
1. Resident Evil 1996 is my GOAT.


1. You can find my name in the credits for Far Cry Primal and Battlefield 4... but that's all I'm gonna say about it.

2. I used to work for one of those grey marketplaces with game CD keys, and all I'm gonna say is: use those at your own risk. Although in most cases they make an honest effort to weed out the shady side of that business. It's kinda like ebay, some shitheads are always going to slip through.

3. I no longer work in the industry, but I also do some game reviews in my spare time. Not that I'm very successful at it but maybe I'll share them one day.

4. I try to be open minded about gaming, and always try out every game that looks interesting, regardless of the genre. Although first person shooters, racing games, and western style RPGs are squarely within my comfort zone and that's what I tend to play the most.

5. As years go by, the less interested I am in story-driven games, and the so-called "cinematic" experiences like most of Sony's exclusives straight up irritate me. I guess that's because when I pick up a controller, I just wanna engage with the gameplay and not sit around for long stretches and getting spoon fed a story that I'm usually not interested in at all. There's so much more that you can do to tell a story in this format than falling back on cutscenes or pretendo gameplay where you just hold the stick forward and listen to exposition. I don't want games to be "cinematic", i just want them to be video games.


1) My first Console was Mattel Intellivision.
2) Mario 64 is the platform I loved more.
3) I finished the Uncharted collection at brutal difficulty.
4) I ranked in the Top 20 in the World at both Uncharted2 and Uncharted3 coop MP, I wanted to go in the Top5, but I had to stop playing to avoid a divorce...not kidding.
5) One beautiful level which I have created in Little Big Planet was banned because too similar to the horror Movie Saw, and not suitable for an underage audience.
1. First game I ever beat was MGS2 AT 7

2. PS4 to me is the greatest console of all time (despite being a pirmarily xbox fan)

3. From ps1- current gen I've owned every console

4. I interned for a game dev company in HS

5. First time I played dark souls I hated it, revisited from soft with bloodborne, it clicked now 3 of my top 5 favorite games are fromsoftware


1. Turn based games became my favourite genre. (Xcom, Phoenix Point, Civilization etc.)
2. I haven't played any of the recent Sony ports for the PC.
3. My love for Racing Sims started with F1 by Geoff Crammond on the Amiga500.
4. One of my biggest wishes would be to know how to code and develop games.
5. In my opinion GTA Series had always fantastic music and radio stations.


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1. Earliest gaming was on P.C. abd eventually got into 3D games with Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake

2. First gaming console was a used SNES. I didn't get into older gen consoles until I was in my 20's.

3. I don't have a perferred platform or brand but can't stand mobile gaming for cel phones

4. I always buy current gen console 5-years after launch. Mostly because I'm a cheapskate

5. I enjoy retro gaming just about as much as current gen
I am looking every single day on three diffent gaming sites to finally see the one revealing of a game that has the potential to make me a gamer again.
Since gta 4 I never played a game to the end.

And no game has caught me since then.

I want something new ans revolutionary...but it simply didn't happen.


1 . ) I love multiplayer games and back in the days i only played competetive games. The last 10 years have become more and more boring since everyone runs a meta comp. This was always the case but back in Starcraft 1 there were alot of diffrent Playstyles around. Now it like playing against bots.
2. ) Since i love competetive games, "E-Sport" games are some of my favorite games. But i actually dislike pretty much every E-Sport game there is. Games need to be good first, no need for devs to cater to e-sport competetiveness in development. If it turns out that way, great! If not, then ... just dont.
3. ) SNES is my favorite Console, much of Nostalgia of course but the Games stand up even today. I feel like the PS4 and the SNES have alot in common. SNES games were extremly solid 2D games while PS4 games finally are extremly solid 3d games. I dont think Bloodbourne gameplay will be bad or dated anytime soon.
4. ) If a game has microtransactions, pretty much dont bother playing them. Unless like PoE where you have a Demo version for free and when u bought extra Bank Tabs u unlock the rest of the game. Its a one time purchase.
5. ) If i only could play one more game in my life. I would not play a game but rather be exited about what i potentially could play with my last choice. Today i inform and read more about games then actually playing them.


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1. I might not be the most skill player out there but I'm stubborn as fuck, I will try as many times I have to until I beat it and I refuse to change the difficulty.
2. When I start side quests in games, I refuse accept any other quests until I finished the current one.
3. I consider Vanillaware most treasured devs in entire gaming industry.
4. I hate Marvel and DC with passion and i think they are infecting both movie and gaming industry.
5. Cyberpunk 2077 is my first and only WRPG I ever play.
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1. I didn't really get into gaming until I was 40.

2. My first RPG was Morrowind. Talk about being thrown in the deep end. Still my favorite gaming experience to date.

3. I was once a mod at a gaming forum. It was no fun.

4. I'm one of the oldest members of the forum, therefore one of the wisest (no, really).

5. I began as an Xbox fanboy, then I became a PS fanboy, and now I'm sort of in limbo.
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1) First game I ever played was Pole Position on Atari 2600. Loved games ever since.

2) Favourite platforms of all time are SNES, Xbox 360, NES, PlayStation 1, GameCube, Atari 2600, OG Xbox and Dreamcast

3) Mass Effect is my favourite gaming IP of all time.

4) I much prefer a third person perspective in games although I did enjoy the Half Life series and Mirrors Edge.

5) In the 90s, a friend of the family used to sell imported games to us from Japan/USA from his store. It was cool owning games way before UK launches. It helped me win first prize in the UK local to local Star Wing (Star Fox) launch competition. I won a Star Wing cap and certificate. Yay ha ha.
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1. I Didn't start gaming until I was a Junior in Highschool. The first 2 games I ever played are Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 9.

2. Sony hasn't been good since the PS2 ERA. I love the PS1 and PS2, but man was the PS3 terrible. As for PS4, I used to love it but thats when Steam started to get more and more Japanese support and I haven't touched my PS4 since. Not to mention how they started to Censor sexualized content and their first parties games for the most part don't impress me. I think if Sony didn't give power to their Western branch, they would still be number 1. As for PSP and Vita, I love them both though. PS2 is still my undisputed GOAT though. Like Sony, Nintendo is gonna to fall to the SJW/Feminazi infestation. When that happens I'll be a PC/Steamdeck only gamer.

3. Switch is the best Nintendo Console since the SNES. It's my 2nd favorite behind the PS2. The amount of RPGs on this system is staggering. The Japanese Third Parties support is great in general. I love that I can play games on the go and play on my TV. The specs don't bother me since I got a PC and game alot on Steam. Whenever Switch 2 is announced, I would be happy with PS4/XBONE level power with 1080p 30FPS/60FPS docked and unlocked.

4. I'm eventually gonna to get a Steamdeck since gaming on the go is something that's appealing to me. Also it looks like an emulation beast. But I'm waiting for a Steamdeck 2 announcement.

5. I tried to get into Western RPGs but most of them aren't my thing. I will say this though, I love The Witcher Trilogy and Mass Effect Trilogy. I just find all of them to be full of Libtard politics even back than. Even though it wasn't as bad as it is today. I tend to like anything Japanese and one of the reasons why is that I like the characters, World design etc. I don't like this thing where more and more Japanese games are going more Western. Final Fantasy 16 is a perfect example of that. Looks boring to me.
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My first game was a moon patrol cocktail top in a yogurt shop.

I got to the celestial floor in ggst. Didn't get to stay, but I felt rather accomplished.

The first console I bought with my own.oney was a ps1. There was a $100 trade in for 10 16 bit games and the rest I almost got together by launch. A month after. No games or memory card, mind you. Just the demo discs.

I've never had a pc with more than $700 worth of parts on it at any one time and I upgrade a few things like every 2 years.

I do not own any figurines or boxed set collectors editions.
1. First console was a Sega Genesis. My best friend had a SNES so we constantly argued over which was the better system. (The 16 bit wars were the good ol days). We also argued over the best game magazine…I was an EGM reader while he voted for GamePro. Miss those as well.
2. ABACABB is a cheat code that will forever be engrained in my memory.
3. I loved going to Movie Gallery and renting a Sega Saturn console with Nights, Sega Rally, and Die Hard Arcade.
4. Skies of Arcadia is better than FFVII…where’s my remaster Sega??!!
5. I enjoyed Too Human.


1. I have a super weird obsession with playing through console games for the first time on the original hardware they were developed for, even when I know there is a superior modern version available. I find it interesting to see how well each game was optimized and how far the platform was pushed, especially in the case of games like The Last of Us/God of War 3 on PS3, Resident Evil 4 on GCN, etc.

2. The very first level of the game BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is named after me, or at least my childhood gamertag. It's a huge honor, as I was/still am a massive, massive fan of the BIT.TRIP series. I used to blog about each game frequently on the IGN forums as a teenager, back in the WiiWare days. I followed the dev blog of Runner2 obsessively, and I even met the developers at PAX East. The entire BIT.TRIP series means the world to me.

3. I despise 2D Metroid games. Metroid Prime is to the Metroid series what Ocarina of Time was to the Zelda series. A flawless transition to the 3rd dimension. First-person should be the standard for all future mainline titles. Metroid is 100x more fun, 100x more atmospheric, and 100x more immersive behind the visor.

4. The Nintendo 3DS is my favorite Nintendo machine.

5. I am 100% OCD about keeping my gaming devices and peripherals clean. I wash my hands before using them, clean them regularly and never share my controllers if I can help it. Seeing pics of greasy controllers with fingerprints all over them makes me gag.
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5 - Been gaming since the early NES days (primarily platformers and RPGs).

4 - Prefer plot action and moments over exposition and character exploration when it comes to story-driven game likes JRPGs.

3 - I despise slow burn games that put aesthetic over gameplay.

2 - Outside of the gameplay, music is second most important factor for single-player games.

1 - Games I think are overrated: FF9, FF 10, FF14, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Doom Eternal


1, I never liked the 80's consoles when i was a teen, i only got into gaming with the Amiga then PC

2, i've always disliked multiplayer, i remember when Quake 3 was announced and was gutted they got rid of the single player, i find Deathmatch boring.

3, i love Bethesda's open world SP games the most, bugs and all, i would play them all, even if it was once a year and i hate Fallout 76,

4, i haven't bought a new game since February 2021, that has never happened since i started gaming in 90/91

5 i hate any type of MTX and monetization in games, they ruin the experience for me.


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1. Atari 2600 was my first console and even as a kid I thought it was a piece of shit, but....that's all I had until...
2. IBM PCjr was my first PC which my father won at a store drawing. I became a PC gamer for life
3. I've put 1,000s upon 1,000s of hours into Starcraft over the years
4. I am currently playing Luigi's Mansion 3 on my Switch and if/when I beat it then it will be a first for me as far as Nintendo games go
5. I will always have a place in my heart for Infocom text adventures


1. Yall who care about the way a female characters looks are weird as fuck. She ain't real. Go outside.

2. FF, COD, and RE have run their course.

3. Been gaming since 92. Dad had a NES and the first game I ever beat was super Mario 3.

4. Sony is my choice of gaming brand but I have owned every Nintendo and Microsoft gaming console.

5. I HATE this cross gen bullshit.


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1. I am not a real slime, but I think its design is genius. How many slimes can you design that look as cool as the Dragon Quest one?

2. Iwata was the last CEO that really understood both the business and the players, because he came from below and really loved video games. Read his book "Iwata Asks" or check some interviews on the Nintendo website if you have the time.

3. I heavily dislike modern JRPGs, especially since they started adding too much fanservice and stopped caring about writing interesting stories and characters. Same goes for modern anime and manga. Not only that, but everyone is going the "action realtime combat" route. Hearing people say that modern Final Fantasy is an evolution of the genre is one of the things that really pisses me off.

4. Character design is a lost art. It appears only japanese devs care about designing (and sometimes over-designing) their characters.

5. I always think the PS3 gen was the last great generation for Sony. After that it always felt like they became too traumatized to take further risks. PS4 helped them get back in their feet, but they never managed to have the same creative output as before. Distancing themselves from japanese devs and fans and killing the PSVita were really bad moves.
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