Airbus to stop making the A380 after 2021

Jan 1, 2009
London UK and France

The decision comes after Emirates, the largest customer of the A380, reduced its order.
The costly aircraft has struggled to compete with more efficient, smaller models.
Well I guess the super jumbos are dying out
Sad really. I did manage to fly in a 380 it was only peasant class but it was a nice experience
Jan 12, 2008
Tragic. Best plane I ever flown with. So quiet and comfortable.

I hope it makes a comeback if they can shed weight with new materials and engine power technology makes a 2-engine version viable at some point in the future.

I think a major issue also was that airports have to build new boarding gates, taxiways, parking spaces, re-inforce landing strips due to the weight etc for it. Too few airports are available to handle the plane.

At some point though, I don't see how we won't see huge planes like it again. The airspace is already really congested globally. And travel is growing with the economic rise of China, India etc.
Apr 21, 2012
Beautiful plane. It's a shame to see it not being made anymore, but each A380 costs almost $500 million each to produce on average. With a price tag like that, it makes the $150 million cost per unit of the F-22 seem like a it's not entirely surprising that the 380 production run is ending.

The big fat double decker fecker has a kickass ultimate top speed of 737 freedom units per hour/ 1186 silly billy non freedom units per hour/ mach .96. That's almost a full mach! Sweet!

Its tech specs are rather impressive for a plane its size.

Fuel capacity - 253,983 kg / 559,937 lbs / 85,472 US gal / 323,546 litres/ about 10 Roseannes.

Range - 14,800 km / 8,000 nmi

Service Ceiling - 13,100 m (43,000 ft)

Max. payload - 84 t (185,000 lb)

Operating Empty Weight - 277 t (611,000 lb)

Maximum Operating Take Off Weight - 575 t (1,268,000 lb)

Length 72.72 m (238 ft 7 in)
Wingspan 79.75 m (261 ft 8 in)
Height 24.09 m (79 ft 0 in)

Max persons capacity - 853 people.

I'm sorry about the bad distance jokes and the Roseanne fat joke. I did my best to keep the amount of bad jokes to a minimum.