is now offering international shipping for games and consoles

This only works for items sold directly by Amazon. No third party sellers, not even "fulfilled by Amazon."

Stolen the pics from RPGSite because they owe me tbh

People on Twitter seem to have success with this - goodbye import sites?

REMEMBER to set the website to English (I just found this out entirely by myself) since most of us are baka gaijins
Could not get it to work with the White PS4 Console. I was able to get it to work with Raiden V.

So how would I find something? Can I login with my US account?
I had to make a new account.

Huh. I assume the seller in question has to allow it, of course. Unless Amazon is shipping internationally itself through prime?
I think the seller has to be Amazon. Did not work with fulfilled by Amazon.
So you'll need a CC for this, right?
I want to import Elite Beat Agents JP 1+2, Puyo Tetris (or something like that) and maybe faceplates. Would love to buy some JP 3DS games but not enough to get a JP 3DS for them.