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AMD acquires Hialgo to help with Radeon Software


Feb 25, 2014
Via - http://www.amd.com/en-us/press-releases/Pages/amd-acquires-software-2016jun29.aspx
HiAlgo acquisition brings new capabilities to Radeon Software to maximize gaming experience per dollar for PC users​
SUNNYVALE, Calif. 6/29/2016

​AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced the acquisition of software company HiAlgo Inc., a developer of unique PC gaming technologies designed to help Radeon™ RX Series GPUs transform gaming experience, increase GPU efficiency and improve the overall consistency of gaming experiences. The acquisition lays the groundwork for future gaming innovation in Radeon Software that will benefit owners of Radeon™ RX Series GPUs.
“Software is an integral part of advancing the science of graphics, enabling us to best harness the silicon of the GPU to
maximize performance and deliver outstanding experiences in games and applications,” said Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect, Radeon Technologies Group, AMD. “HiAlgo embodies our spirit of passion, persistence and play by delivering a number of creative approaches to software that improve gamers’ experiences, and helps future-proof1 the GPU.”

Radeon Software enables the ultimate in performance, features and stability of Radeon™ graphics to ensure an exceptional user experience. Today, launching alongside the Radeon™ RX 480 graphics card are nine new features of Radeon Software Crimson Edition designed to give users more control over their computing experience, including multi-GPU, display, and power efficiency settings, and a redefined overclocking tool in Radeon WattMan.

About Hialgo

HiAlgo apps are plugins that help hardware perform better. In 3D games, they re-allocate computer resources by dynamically changing frame rate and picture resolution.

BOOST is a utility that makes the gameplay smoother, with smaller lag. During fast-paced moments of the game, BOOST lowers the rendering resolution, causing the framerate and responsiveness to noticeably increase - effectively increasing the power of your GPU.

CHILL is a smart framerate limiter that prevents CPU and GPU overheating (and subsequent performance loss), while not detracting from the gaming experience. As a bonus, CHILL also saves power and increases the battery gaming time on laptops.

SWITCH is a utility that allows you changing the game resolution from 100% to 50% with a single push of a button. This instantly gives you a significant framerate increase -- which helps you a lot during highly dynamic battles.


May 24, 2012
So.... we can expect dynamic resolution/frame limiting in future radeon updates to match what console games often do... neat.


Nov 16, 2013
I thought I heard of Hialgo before, then I realized they made the Boost/Chill/Switch plugins or whatever that is. Someone once told me to use that to fix my FO4 performance issues but it didn't work.
Oct 26, 2009
I thought I heard of Hialgo before, then I realized they made the Boost/Chill/Switch plugins or whatever that is. Someone once told me to use that to fix my FO4 performance issues but it didn't work.

According to the website (http://www.hialgo.com/), they don't support any DirectX11 games as of yet, so it's useless to me.

Which games are supported?

Skyrim and Far Cry 3 are fully supported. Also, a beta version of a "universal" BOOST is supposed to work with multiple DX9 games, first- and third-person shooters. If a game works with SWITCH and runs with sharp HUD, we expect it to work with BOOST as well. However, many games require additional tuning, which we are going to provide, one game at a time.

Which games are supported?

Currently only DirectX 9 games are supported. DirectX 11 is going to be supported in the future. SWITCH is a novel technology and we are continuously improving it and bringing support for more games. Our development is greatly helped by the users' feedback we are receiving. You can see current game statistics and leave your feedback too!


Jan 17, 2013
so dynamic resolution and dynamic frame limiting that's cool I guess would be pretty impressive on dx11 and 12 though

and a non intrusive injector or at driver level since im sure vac could hit this if it wasn't white listed.


Apr 7, 2006
Good acquisition, very impressed with AMD's efforts on the software front. This will help tremendously with improving DX11 and Dx12 drivers in the future.