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Android Gaming Thread: News & Recommendations


Exploding Kittens is on sale for 10ct (in Germany at least. Don't know about the rest of Europe or the US, but I would assume it is)

Also, get a few friends to buy that game too, it's amazing with friends!
We just released update 2 for Piczle Lines DX!

Googleplay link.


- Some puzzles can now contain empty spaces by design, offering an extra challenge for experienced puzzlers!
- Cleared packs, bundles and chapters are now more obviously cleared.

- The Empty Spaces bundle offers 80 new puzzles for seasoned puzzlers, now available in the store.

- The Conceptis Puzzle Pack offers 16 FREE puzzles by the world's leading provider of logic-puzzles.


- Some minor bug fixes.
- Cosmetic changes.
- Better in-app store sorting.


I just got a new phone, a OnePlus 3T! And I decided to go on a mobile gaming adventure. Random thoughts:
  • PostKnight is fun
  • Deemo is glorious at a stable framerate
  • So is Mobius Final Fantasy
  • But Cytus still chugs at times :<
  • Pinball on a phone isn't as great as I'd hoped
  • Neko Atsume is still cute
  • Puzzle and Dragon feels really cheap for a game that makes this much money


Nobody playing battle bay? I thought there would be a gaf guild but couldnt find one. Its a 3rd person boat battle online 4vs4 by rovio. Seems decent so far just started today.


Ask me about the GAF Notebook
If one would like to dabble in some sort of Mobile MMO on Android what's the best games to pick from in 2017?

Oh and prefer stuff that's been localized for the West so I don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops. :p
If one would like to dabble in some sort of Mobile MMO on Android what's the best games to pick from in 2017?

Oh and prefer stuff that's been localized for the West so I don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops. :p
I've never played it, but you could check out Logres.

The only reason I know about it is from the GAF OT, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.


I've started playing a Korean card battle called Dungeon & Girls.

It's a fanservicy dungeon crawler where you use a deck of cards to both advance and battle. You have both a standard deck, which is fixed based on what character type you're using, and several single-use cards that you can take before going into the dungeon (they disappear after you beat the boss, or get beaten by her).
Each card has a movement value outside of combat which you use to move forward towards the section's boss. In battle, the cards have several effects like attack, heal, power-up (enhances another card) and counter (counters an enemy's special strike, but not non-damage attacks).

The enemies are cute monster girls you can capture and use as your sidekicks. As far as I can tell, the idea is basically to fill out a sort of menagerie and give them gifts in order to make them like you more (thus increasing the power of both their regular attack and special abilities). Each monster girl has a particular gift she likes (zombie girl a syringe, doll girl a headband etc.).
I like the Bunny girl best thus far. Her Vorpal Claws ability has a 50% chance of firing off (as opposed to around 30% for the others) and does a good deal of damage. Though the ones with status effects might prove better later on.


Ah cool, thanks for the heads up.
I really wish I could get this in either physical or digital form in Spanish to play with my family.



Will pick this up down the road. I played the hell out of the Kingdom Rush series, and then moved on to Realm Defense, a superior Kingdom Rush clone.

Also, just started getting into Magic Rampage. Anyone reading this needs to go check this game out.

That new game 'Data Wing' seems to be blowing up too. The music and game play of that game is really well executed.

Dan the Man seems to be good, but I feel like Magic Rampage is superior and it's also free (the freemium is not overwhelming).
Hi guys! Do you have any recommendations for simulation/4X/CYOA? I recently played Polytopia and King of Dragon Pass, and I really enjoyed them. Would love to play something similar. Is Civilization Revolution any good?

Btw, I thought Sid Meier's Pirates is available in Android, but looks like it isn't :(
Why would the thread subject matter change?
Maybe because the off-topic Android thread was way more useful and alive than this one, and half of what's useful to know about Android gaming is how games run on the many different Android devices out there. Usually GAF threads are some of the most informative and helpful on the internet, but this one never really great to that point
I'm sure most people just check the iOS gaming thread and then check for themselves if a game is also coming to Android since barely anyone posts on this thread.

Honestly I don't care that much, the Android off-topic thread was one of the few I visited on a regular basis and it's not like it was the most cheery thread in the world (mainly just checked for news and device impressions). I'm only coming here at this point to check when better alternatives are available for my subscribed threads, and this was still one on my list for some reason.


Any recommendations for a four player game for a evening with friends? As a board game replacement, as we don't have anything available


Sorry for necro-bumping this thread but is there an active Android Gaming OT somewhere? I'm looking to ask for recommendations but wasn't sure if I should just start a new thread.


I played the following on both Android and Bluestacks (Android emulator on PC, works flawlessly) and enjoyed them very much:

- Peggle Blast
- Fruit Ninja
- Plants vs Zombies 2

I haven't played but have read a very possitive reviews for the following:

- Super Mario Run
- You Must Build a Boat
- Holedown
- Mushroom 11
- Lara Croft GO
- Downwell

I played the following, but on PC only, and I enjoyed it:

- Fallout Shelter
- Hearthstone
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