Anybody play/collect Weiss Schwarz? (TCG)

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I actually have quite a few Weiss Schwarz cards. However, I only collect them since I don't even know if a community for the game exists over here in Perth.

Still undecided if I want to get the Japanese or the English Miku cards, mainly because of the event-exclusive PRs.
I got into WS through the PSP game, and since then I've started to collect physical cards too, here and there. I don't have a real community to play with in my area, though. Being a weeaboo anime game will do that to you, unfortunately, no matter how interesting your game's mechanics are. And they are very interesting, to me at least.

Still, I feel that its full potential hasn't been explored yet. The Clock and Level mechanics are super cool, but the abilities of the cards themselves are somewhat boring. You could say that WS is a great TCG with bad cards, if that makes any sense. The rules themselves are the best part.
I also play MtG, so there are a lot of effects that I'm accustomed to having that just don't exist in WS (to my knowledge). I want Murder, Unsummon, Green Sun's Zenith, Counterspell, Lava Spike, Reanimate, Extirpate, Thoughtseize, Wrath of God, et cetera. I know part of it is due to the relative age of each game, but the complexity and interactivity of MtG is just so, so far ahead of WS. This is without even getting into keywords and other creature abilities, too.

Nevertheless, WS is probably my second favourite TCG. Or maybe third, after Pokemon as well, but that's very close.

In short, more people should play this game, and this topic won't get as many replies as it deserves.
I actually did a post on my blog with some photos of some cards I got recently here. Don't ask how much money I spent, seriously.

For signed cards, I have the following English ones:

  • Sayaka SP
  • Mami SP
  • Homura Trial Deck SP

My blood isn't rich enough to do a complete collection of a TCG (dear god), but it did sound like fun to collect the Trial Decks. And, you know, maybe the Promos too..(those bluray promos are gonna be hell).

Decks 2/5 Done, Promos 4/13 Done...for now. The bulk of the promos are Madoka Booster Box promos, 5, which you get one of at random per booster box, and the upcoming SOA booster box is going to contain a similar set.

Mini Madoka's as mentioned. Homura seems to be a guaranteed promo in every Trial Deck. There's also apparently 'first print' promos for both of these trial decks, Illya being one of the four in total.
The Asuna card on the other-hand is apparently a convention-exclusive, having been given away at Sakuracon and Fanimecon. Beyond a week long Facebook contest they had, I'm not sure how else it's been made available or if it's even given out anymore. I probably paid too much for it..
For the Madoka trial deck, there are also Sayaka and Kyoko PR cards. Bushiroad provided supplies to one of the shops at a convention I went to. They also had the two Fate/Zero PRs there as well if you bought that deck.

If you aren't too concerned about "hunting" cards down and want a more financially sensible way of getting them, it's better to go buy singles directly from online retailers.
The one thing I'm completely stumped on still is the Disgaea Trial Deck foil(s). On the back of the deck, supposedly, it contains a 1/6 chance to contain Foils. One or more? No idea. Nor have I been able to find any photos or any sale listings.
Weiss Schwarz products are packed with certain ratios. For trial decks, they are packaged boxes of six. What this means is if you buy an entire box of trial decks, you are guaranteed one signed card. Older decks like Disgaea only had foils.
Not the fact that they're foils, but the obscurity. Disgaea's a slightly difficult deck to find, but it's crazy that there's so little information about those foils (none), let alone proof of them existing!

I find it a bit strange that Deck signs demand the prices they do (up to $50?) considering that you could just buy a set for $100 and get a bunch of decks for about $10 each.
The English cards have a different economy from the Japanese ones. Japanese trial deck signs generally fetch between $15 and $30 depending on the series - certainly more reasonable than $50.

Quality on the image is crap, but here's one of the foils for the Disgaea deck:

I have a whole bunch of Little Busters W-S cards from getting Perfect Edition and the blu-rays.

Never read the rules of the game or anything though. Didn't know there was an English version.
Was tempted to spend an unreasonable amount of money on the Persona 4 sets that came out in Japan, I actually wouldn't mind playing the game but it might be quite a struggle to get some of my friends into it. Happy to hear they are starting to release stuff over here, maybe I will try and pick up the Miku starter deck when it comes out.


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I never got into it, but I know that a few of my college friends back at RIT got shoulders deep into that game. The local anime store there pimps it hard.
My LGS actually tried running some tournaments, but poor turnout killed any future things. The problem is that the name of the game is absurdly stupid, and their are going to be more people put off by the card art than people who want it.
I haven't actually played it yet, but it's somewhat simple.

Being new to the game I found it really hard to follow most videos of it, but my favorites are the few uploaded by youtube channel DrawTheTrigger:
(Probably because they're new to it too). Drawing large amounts of damage hoping for a climax cancel is pretty intense..
Hey, thats my channel! I'm Phil! :p Everyone subscribe, we're giving away a booster box of Vanguard in the next week or so :p
I bought it for Idolmaster. A trial deck and some boosters.

Played it 2 times. Realized every single abilities does the same thing : Deal more damage. Even the Climax cards.

The abilities don't reflect the character's own ability in the series. It's like some generic ability.

As I bought a few more boosters (all within Idolmaster series), cards keep repeating and the worst thing is, they all recycle the series original artwork. I guess I wanted new illustrations and the cards felt boring. (The ones with their own illustrations are nice).

So yeah, I stopped buying because the game feels shallow even though it has very interesting progression.
I have the Nanoha: Gears of Destiny deck (JP) and the Disgaea deck (EN), but everyone else in my local group plays Vanguard, so I just have them around to look pretty.
I love playing this game. Only me, my brother and our friend play in my area. local comic shop runs tournaments....we went there a week or 2 ago, we were the only 3 that entered -_- Still a really fun game
Played my first match ever with a frend using a Madoka deck versus his SAO deck. Pretty convoluted game honestly, but it I guess speed comes with repeated play. I was tempted to buy the Project Diva trial deck, but then I saw Evangelion so I want that one.
More or less. Some people choose to use inserts, cut them out and put them over the card inside the sleeve, though perhaps not worth the effort unless you have a very confusing deck.

One notable difference between the English and Japanese versions of Weiss Schwarz is that the Japanese packs/decks come with a paper slip inside each that has a chance to have a Silver/Gold sack on it, worth 1 and 3 points respectively I believe. This can be mailed out for free prizes varying from deck boxes, sleeves, mats, promo cards, etc. If you live in the US, heartofthecards has a middleman service where they ship the points and the prizes back to you.
You can view the prize selection here, which exists for a number of Bushiroad's card games. Point cost ranges from only 1 to 3 so very accessible pricewise.
Certain prizes are only available for a certain time. Such as my Steins;Gate x Chaos;Head sleeve which was previously offered in the ChaosTCG catalog (no longer available, apart from a 5-piece sampler included in first print run booster boxes).
For those who play the English sackless version, Yahoo Auctions Japan via middleman service is an alternative.
oh that's cool...also is there any way to look at former prizes no longer offered?
Do note the Evangelion deck will be in Japanese and you'll have to get the translations, if you didn't know (it's the only non-ENG available deck you listed). Surprising that it and Persona haven't made it over yet.
Aww man that sucks. Yeah, I'm looking at the list of ENG cards released on the Bushiroad website and they only have:

- Fate/Zero
- Project Diva
- Sword Art Online
- Disgaea ~Hour of Darkness~
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Everything else is in Japanese which sucks now that I know they have a Lucky Star deck too. *w*
Oh didn't know there was a Weiss topic on gaf :).

I run a homu Madoka english deck, and a B/Y Evangelion deck. Looking foward to the english release of Bake.
Love Live!!!! A great choice, I am tempted to start a LL deck but I already run 3 series so it's a tossup. I hope you enjoy the game though, I'd be glad to help with any questions you have.

I also purchased an Evangelion booster box but am only using the B/Y out of it so if anyone wants some Red (Asuka) or Green (Mari) cards, PM and we can cut a deal.
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