Assassin's Creed: Origins - Hype Check

I am very hyped. I have been ever since the reveal and the information started coming in. Can't help but feel this one will be a very good one.

All the improvements they have made, I like them so far. The game looks highly inspired hy TW3 and thats a plus.

Day 1 purchase for me. Hope it doesnt disappoint.
I'm excited to see how it turns out, but I'll probably hold off on getting it for a few weeks. Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed have a history of being on sale with a heavy discount on Black Friday.
Not day 1 purchase for me, as I still have some backlog to clear. But definitely will buy it in the future. Loves the Egypt settings, supernatural elements, beautiful world, RPG/Loot system. Plus the game made by Black Flag team.
LOVE the setting, and the visual design of the world is outstanding.

Its just everything else I'm not sold on, which at this point is pretty much the classic AC cycle for me.

Not hyped for day one, but will keep and eye on this towards maybe jumping in after a few months if it seems like my reservations are unfounded.
I will probably pick up eventually. But gotta wait for reviews. Assassin's Creed is the series, of all video game franchises, you wait for reviews. The quality is so different from game to game.

I really like the Witcher 3 influence and hope for the best.
I didn't like Syndicate much at all and thought it was a step back from Unity but this one has me interested with what little I've seen so far. Watch Dogs 2 had a great open world so I'm hoping Origins will be good on that front. I'll buy it for sure, but maybe not day one. Will see what the reception is like first and how it performs on PS4.
I love the setting, but it`s Assassin`s Creed, so waiting for the final sale looks good, something like $5 or less just for run a few hours on the environments :/
Hype levels rising probably about an 8.5 to 9 on the hype o meter. I bought shadow of war but it hurts my hand to play so I want to trade it in and use that towards ac:eek:
i havent played an AC game since black flag, so i might have to step back in with this one. on my PC too. those visuals look fantastic, and the gameplay looks much improved
I'll be getting it, but not on launch as the X isn't available then.

It's one of the titles being used to hype of the XBOX One X so will play it first when the X is released.
I haven't played an Assassin's Creed game since Brotherhood, and to be honest, it just doesn't seem like I've missed a whole lot. I like open world games, but Ubisoft games just kinda feel all the same to me, and if I really want to play that specific kind of game they make, I'd probably pick a game that is in a flavor I like more, like Watchdogs 2 (Haven't played that or Far Cry 4 or Primal, or The Division). I don't know, Origins looks like their best attempt yet but this franchise just feels very tired to me, even after the long time away. I'd love to be convinced otherwise.
As someone who has not played an AC game since 3 (and ~2 hours of Black Flag when it was free on Xbox One) I am excited to play it. I'm going to wait for reviews and will pick up either this or Shadow of War with my Xbox One X. Right now just from the look of it I'm leaning towards Origins.
1st one Ive been excited for since Brotherhood. I loved Black Flag but don't care about pirates so I wasn't excited before release. But this actually has a setting im interested in and tthe Black Flag team so im super excited
Not that hyped since I just got Evil Within 2 and am looking for to playing this but I bought the new book Desert Oath from Oliver Bowden and will be reading it in the coming days to get myself pumped.

Can recommend the books from Bowden to people who actually like the AC story by the way. They are usually very short, well written and add some additional layer to the story. Just a couple of weeks back I read Underground (which largely dealt with Henry Green's past) and then started playing Syndicate. It was really cool starting the game and already having some background to the characters.
As a massive ac fan my hype was pretty meh on the initial reveal , however seeing more and more of it i am starting to get excited .

With other games losing my hype (Mordor , battlefront 2 ) it’s basidslly just this and Mario for me for the rest of the year .

Regardless of what the reviews end up showing I’m confident I will have a good time (have enjoyed every ac game thus far for different reasons ).
I kind of wanted them to go smaller scale since AC3 and focus on assassinations and stealth but looks like Origins is exactly opposite. Open world madness with focus on combat. World looks cool though.
So, genuine question-what is truly different this time around? I have watched some vids and other than the RPG-lite stuff, that is now required for every Ubi game, I haven't seen the hook for this AC game.

Hype is on hold until I see why this installment is worth picking up, and sufficiently original.
Apart from the setting the thing they've been promoting the most is the new combat.
Love the setting, but don't trust Ubisoft to deliver a decent story. AC3 wrapped things up quite nicely, and since then it's been fairly anemic on that front. The mechanics in AC over past entries have not evolved sufficiently to sell me on gameplay alone.

Hope they prove me wrong, and that the revised combat/RPG elements add some much-needed depth to the series. However, seeing a video on Youtube of sword-fighting hippos on a street, in broad daylight, set the alarm bells ringing. This is not my idea of how an assassin should originate.
Love the setting and time period. However, I've never played an Assassin's Creed game because elements of the gameplay (open world, uninteresting side quests, stealth mechanics) never seemed that interesting to me. Not sure if the setting is interesting enough to overcome that if I get bored of the gameplay loop.
I never buy any AC games on Day One anymore, since they tend to come down in price pretty fast. That being said, I am actually quite interested in this new one. I really enjoyed AC: Syndicate a lot after being done with the series since AC3. All of the new features & new direction they're taking this game in have me intrigued, but it's still very much a "wait & see" deal for me. If it the impressions/reviews are good, I'll probably buy it before the year's end.
Adding loot drops to the stale AC formula doesn't seem especially interesting. As with the crafting in previous titles, you know that the game is probably going to be tuned so that you can beat it with minimal attention to that stuff.

Setting looks dull. I want to navigate a burgeoning metropolis, not run around some sand dunes and hut-cities.

Competition is the major factor here though. Destiny 2 PC, Super Mario Odyssey, and Wolfenstein 2 all look far more interesting. I don't feel a need to play another AC game prior to giving all of those a spin.
Watched the new reboot of The Mummy night. Not a great movie but definitely got me in the mood to explore Egypt. Probably my most anticipated game this month!
Looks great. Used to be big into the franchise but my interest in it dropped off quite a bit after Unity, didn't even play Syndicate. Origins looks like a return to what I loved. Big changes+black flag team whew boy. Oh, and I preordered the deluxe edition for a bonus mission. Sorry :(
I'll probably pick it up on black friday when its down to $30 bucks somewhere. I'm not really excited for it, but I have not played an AC in years so I will probably check it out.

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Quality of life. Such as finally being able to use projectiles from the haystack:

or how enemy health bars tell you how much damage something's gonna do depending on where you're aiming:

I didn't say that you'd be able to beat Lvl 38-40 endgame content with Lvl 1 gear, just that the game will more than likely allow for minimal engagement (just equip whatever drops as you progress). The scenario they intro the video with is ridiculously unlikely.

The sprawling talent chart in that video was a bit of a "Nope" moment for me.
Based on all the demos so far and presumably like other RPGs, the best loot hands down seems to come from tombs, crafting, and high level enemies. So you definitely don't wanna sleep on those. Pretty sure upgrading the hidden blade is straight up mandatory for a viable stealth build.
Hyped as hell. I'm an AC fan, but this looks like a huge step up from previous iterations.

Hopefully it'll deliver in all areas. I don't want to be disappointed a la Unity.