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Avalanche (Disney Infinity, now owned by Warner) hiring for.. a UE4 Harry Potter RPG?


The Harry Potter part is speculation, but: http://www.warnerbroscareers.com/search-jobs/?157583BR

1.) Warner Brothers basically only ever publishes games based on IPs they work with, and this game is listed as having "franchise representatives".
2.) Avalanche has historically made movie licensed games (Toy Story, Cars, Disney Infinity).
3.) I'm not sure there's a more logical IP with British culture and grammatical presentation to be working on.
4.) It's definitely an RPG, whatever it is.
Edit: 5.) Also seems to be an open world game with an extensive economy system, and they want someone who has worked on very large games, "the bigger the better".

Warner Bros. Games Inc. seeks a Senior Writer for the Avalanche Story department. We are looking for a talented storyteller with a deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation. Applicants should be creative self-motivated problem solvers who enjoy collaborating with other writers and designers to create an immersive game narrative. If this is you, send us your resume and writing samples (both humor and drama represented) for consideration.

Provide British authenticity to the tone of the project.
Receive feedback and modify work based on direction from both the internal team and franchise representatives.
Review product as necessary to help maintain on-brand messaging.

Work that shows a deep understanding of gaming narrative and branching storytelling, particularly in the realm of RPGs.


Some extra info:

Warner Bros. Games Inc. seeks a Senior Environment Artist, Unreal for the Avalanche Animation department. Are you an Environment Artist that would like to part of an exciting new AAA game project?

Able to take animation from initial concept through to implementation in Unreal Engine 4 using Unreal's animation blueprint system.

Edit 2:

Avalanche said:
Senior Game Designer, Systems and Economy

Summary of Position:
Avalanche Software, a division of WB Games Inc. is seeking a veteran designer with a passion and gift for planning, communicating, tracking, and fine-tuning reward, economy loops and product narrative across many intricate game systems, to compel players to play for ”just 5 more minutes," forever. This position involves heavy collaboration with the Lead Designer and design teams to ensure that game experience targets are met and conveyed to various teams within our organization.

Job Requirements:
Experience with similar design responsibilities, on a large-scale console game project (the bigger the better).
Experience in designing systems or narrative for open-world, RPG, or branching-story structure games
Source: https://careers.timewarner.com/tgwe...t=1&JobSiteId=36&JobSiteInfo=781319_36&GQId=0


Give me that Harry Potter MMO set in real time, with houses, quidditch and classes and the like. Every year counts as a school year. Let's go.


Make it as good as these


and I'm in freaking day zero. One of the funnest licensed games I ever played.
Oh shit, I've said for years that Harry Potter would be perfect for a western take on Persona. Dividing your time between classes at Hogwarts and hanging with your friends in Hogsmeade while also going off on quests to stop the Death Eaters could potentially be an awesome game.


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Give me that Harry Potter MMO set in real time, with houses, quidditch and classes and the like. Every year counts as a school year. Let's go.

Being my dream mmo game since I first saw the first movie as a kid, please make this, with each expansion being a new year in the school


Nirolak. If this turns out to not be a Harry Potter game I'll be writing you a very unpleasant letter.


A modern harry potter game will be amazing. Exploring Hogwarts in Order of the Phoenix was so good. I really hope it's a Harry Potter game.


give it to me. I don't care if it's J W or MMO. just hook it to my veins. been waiting for this game for a millennia


I want to be excited, but it's more likely a licenced Fantasic Beasts game that doesn't involve Hogwarts.


Needs to have a character creator, an in-depth personality quiz for your house and the ability to specialize in particular sorts of magic (all should be obvious if true).
Give me that Harry Potter MMO set in real time, with houses, quidditch and classes and the like. Every year counts as a school year. Let's go.

You'd have to do accelerated time, as in, like, one in-game year is six months (or 3 months), but damn I would love that.
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