Awesome Movies That Take Place Mostly In One Room

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The first Saw movie.


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Off the top of my head, excluding the ones previously mentioned (12 angry men being one of the finest films of this type):

Taurus by Aleksandr Sokurov
Dogville by Lars von Trier
A Huey P Newton Story by Spike Lee
What was that movie with DeVito and Spacey? The Big Kahuna? Yeah that took place almost entirely in one room, but I wouldn't call it "awesome", that's for sure.
some of these can be loosely interpreted (some are mostly one location):

12 Angry Men is so awesome
Funny Games
The Room :lol
Snakes on a Plane
Honey I Shrunk The Kids
The Shining
Panic Room
Glad to see the Glengarry love. I've watched that movie maybe more than any other. Does Night of the Living Dead count? Maybe not, but the best part of that movie is the claustrophobic feeling inside that living room.


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now yes. it does take place primarily in four rooms. But each room/chapter is it's own story...and each ruelz.

especially the part where "....there's room 309, there's this scary Mexican gangster dude poking his finger in my chest. There's his hooligan kids snapping their fingers at me. There's a putrid, rotting corpse of a dead whore stuck in the springs of the bed. There's rooms blazing afire. There's a big fat needle from God knows where, stuck in my leg, infecting me with God knows what. And finally there's me, walking out the door, right fucking now. Buenas noches. "

Cosmic Bus

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The Interview with Hugo Weaving is an excellent little suspese story which involves him sitting in a room being interrogated for 95% of the film.

David Mamet's American Buffalo and Oleanna, both adapted from his own plays, are worth seeing even if I hated the latter.

[edit] Looking at some of the replies, you might want to hit up a dictionary to reevaluate the definition of "mostly."
A couple that come to mind:

Deterrence (1999) - While on the 2008 election campaign trail, the sitting President, who through unusual circumstances, was not elected to his position, finds himself and several advisers stranded at a diner during a snowstorm. While he's there an international crisis takes place and he finds himself grappling with the decision of whether or not to use nuclear weapons. This political thriller doesn't entirely work, but it's certainly interesting, has some interesting twists right up until the very end of the film, and is well worth watching.

Secret Honor (1984) - Based on a one-man play, this Altman film stars Phillip Baker Hall as Richard Nixon, sitting in his office with a tape recorder and delivering a monologue about his career for a solid hour and a half. This is far more interesting than it sounds; Hall delivers an amazing performance and the script acts as a sort of fictional (one hopes) secret history of the Nixon years.



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Not a movie, but I liked how each episode of the show Tidus pretty much took place in one room or area. The flashbacks and narration were on separate sets, but the main story always stayed confined to one set. It kinda felt like you were watching a play, instead of a sitcom.

I miss that show.
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