Battlefield 2 *lands* in EA-store... vids inside!

Dec 12, 2004
Poland baby!
Check this story out:

Battlefield 2 Special Delivery at EA Headquarters

At EA, we do things big. For the arrival of Battlefield 2 at the employee-only company store on Wednesday, June 22, the Battlefield 2 team landed a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter on the great lawn at high noon. Complete with gun turrets ready, the chopper carried Darren Montgomery and Mike Doran (both who worked on the game) who delivered the games to the EA company store.

And the troops were ready. Once the trio entered the building, so did the fans waiting to get their hands on the first shipment of Battlefield 2 copies. About 10 minutes later, there was still a long line that ran through the store and down the hall... around another corner and down another hall. If demand is high here on campus, just imagine what it's like at your local games retailer. So make sure you get yours early or be left behind.
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Battlefield 2 rox!
DICE rox!