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Bayonetta Bloodyfate (movie, Gonzo) [Up: YouTube Trailer]


YouTube Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxrIoffNzX8


Movie. There's a video at the link that won't seem to load.

By Gonzo and Sega.

Site won't load, but I'll update this as soon as it does.

You may remember this from the old TGS rumors a few years back.

The cast is the same as the first game:

Articalys said:



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Bloodyfate sounds like the stupidest subtitle ever. I'm certain someone will think of one stupider than that.


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I'm on campus and my wifi is slow as hell. this does not pass as an OP. come on


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This can be average to very very very very bad.

EDIT: So Gonzo is doing this. RIP.


....they did the SF4 anime tie-ins.

....and Blazblue's shitty animated segments...



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It was just announced.

what you just said is more information than I got from OP.

is it a fan film? is it a trailer for bayonetta 2? it is not unreasonable for me to want more information than a link to a website


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Here's that list, by the way.

Aeana 24-08-2011 said:
A while back, several rumors circulated around the Japanese blogosphere. Many of the things seemed credible, but others are outlandish. However, with the announcement of Rhythm Thief R: Emperor Napoleon's Legacy for 3DS today, the whole batch becomes much more credible. So duckroll and I decided it might be good idea to put together a little checklist thread so we can see how these things play out in the coming weeks.

[x] 4 Warriors of Light 2, 3DS ** Renamed to Bravely Default
[x] Monster Hunter Tri G, 3DS
[x] Miku Hatsune (SD style), 3DS
[x] New Shining game using Valkyria systems and characters from Shining Hearts, PSP
[x] Sega has a Layton-like game but with rhythm action instead of puzzles, to be announced at TGS.
[x] Bayonetta 2 is in development and is planned for release at the same time as a theatrical Bayonetta CG movie.
[ ] Vita launch later this year, Monster Hunter 3rd HD will be announced at TGS to be a launch title.
[x] DQ10 is being designed as an MMO-like game.


[ ] Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSP, November 2 release.
[x] Persona 4 Vita port, 2012.


When I saw the title I was like WTF? Now that I've come to terms with this I'm calm and composed. I wish Sega put all of their money into making this move and left Atlus the fuck alone. Seriously.
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