Bayonetta PC port gets updated... with a Vanquish teaser

if they bring bayonetta 2 to the lot..
I'll.... buy it day ONE :p
I have them all (bayo on ps3//xboxone, vanquisher on both, bayonetta2+bayonetta1 on wii u), but I'd really be glad to get a bayo2 on pc :L
I love this way of communicating with fans without having to outright say anything - and that every time the result is the same from those "hyped" and those attempting to derail even a remote possibility of it being legitimate.

Keep it going Sega / Platinum!
Platinum's probably going to lock Steam Controllers out of a gamepad+mouse setup. Worst case scenario, they'll have awful acceleration in their mouse control, like they usually do in their PC ports. :'/ I'd love to be proven wrong, though.
I hope there are people at Platinum/Sega who realize this is the one game they have where good KBM controls are really worth doing.