Best LTTP Game you played in 2015?


Jun 4, 2015
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd BY FAR, that game is soooooo good, I literally haven't been able to get into any other rhythm game besides this series (including Project Mirai), Taiko, and partially IM@S Shiny Festa, but I'm objectively worse at IM@S because the control scheme feels slightly off to me.


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Jan 21, 2013
Final Fantasy Tactics and Dark Souls are the best games Ive completed this year. By far. Both are just excellent games in their genres.
Dec 7, 2008
Another vote for Mario 3D World, which I just played last month. Easily my favorite current-gen console game so far. I found it to be a huge improvement over 3D Land, which was way too easy and recycled too much content in the remix levels (particularly the tedious task of making you replay
everything as Luigi to unlock that last Crown level. meh
). I'd have to go back to SMG2 to compare, but this might even be my favorite 3D Mario?

Katamari Forever was also pretty cool, though it didn't have the same impact as the original, and I didn't like the black and white filter half the levels start off with.


Jun 4, 2014
I was LT a lot of P this year, so it's hard to pick one. I'll reflect on all the good stuff I played this year.

Ace Attorney
I burned through the entire series this year, save for the new one in Japan and the Layton crossover. I enjoyed every game thoroughly, easily one of the most distinguished series I played. The first game seems to be the most distinct from the rest. The second game is a low point of the series, although the final case was a ride on its own. The third game had a nicely woven story, and Godot is awesome. AA4 doesn't get enough credit; it actually kept me guessing when for the other games I could more or less narrow down the culprits early on. Dual Destinies was a major disappointment all around, but it looked pretty and still played well enough. Investigations has the best OST of the whole series. Investigations 2 was imo the best overall of the entire Ace Attorney series. I love how varied the gameplay was, taking a departure from the tutorial court case->investigation->court->court->investigation->court etc. pattern. I also never expected the final villain.

Sonic Generations (challenges)
When I first played through the game, I never bothered with challenges besides the modern Sonic races, as I figured that would be simplest when doing the required challenges. What this really did for me was cut off a huge section of the game. The challenges are full of unique minigames not found anywhere else. You get to try out classic features like flying with Tails, or new ones where you get to use Rouge to arouse Eggman's robots, which were designed to be capable of arousal for some reason. The minigames help you learn how to use new abilities and how to navigate familiar levels' terrain. By the time I was done, I had finally mapped out all the game's levels much like I had with the original Genesis games. Felt nice.

Devil May Cry
DMC1-4. I have yet to try DmC beyond the demo. The first game's sense of atmosphere and exploration in the castle is unparalleled by any of the other games, so it sticks out as the most memorable to me. The second game was unbelievably bad, not even just disappointing. I didn't enjoy any of it, really. The third game was better than the first gameplay-wise, although everything else was a bit rough around the edges. I had more fun in it than the first game, but again the atmosphere wasn't anywhere close. I think DMC4 was the best overall from the series. Didn't mind playing as Nero most of the game, and fighting Dante was pretty fun. I'd like to see another DMC game like 4.

Ghost Trick
Simple and fun. The endgame plot twists mindfucked me deep. Good soundtrack.

Hotel Dusk
It was cool to see a game use the DS vertically, although I initially wasn't crazy about using the stylus to move everywhere. Game has a unique art style that I really enjoyed, and questioning people to figure out the mysteries behind Hotel Dusk was fun as well. I'll be giving the sequel a try once I get a copy.

Monkey Island 1, 2, 5
I had previously only played 3, and Steam was having a summer sale, so I just had to bite. Easily the funniest games I have ever played. My cheeks hurt often when I took Guybrush through these weird adventures. Tales of Monkey Island, however, was a big disappointment. 3D simply doesn't seem to work for point-n-click adventure games. The character models and world don't seem to have as much personality in their designs compared to the 2D Monkey Island games. Most of the characters seemed to use the same model basis and had the same facial expressions. Furthermore, exploring a 3D world in a genre where you're supposed to be able to click on anything on the screen just didn't mesh well imo. I still wish to play Monkey Island 4 if it ever becomes available again, but I'm not looking forward to the 3D aspect if it's done like MI5.

Katamari Damacy, We Love Katmari
Fun in its purest form, and no game quite like it. Katamari is a nice stress reliever. I loved Damacy and WLK even moreso, but I heard the later games are just copypastes of WLK designs, so I will hold off on that. A proper new Katamari with brand new levels and modern visuals would be to die for.

Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue's Last Reward
I made the mistake of playing VLR first because I was recommended on the gameplay alone. Don't do that lol. Somehow despite all this, I was able to play without spoiling 999 for myself, probably because I'm pretty dense and didn't pick up on any of the foreshadowing and references. Ultimately I prefer VLR over 999, but I also feel like 3D models and executive meddling took away from VLR. 999 had perfect amounts of suspense and horror. Holy hell, are these games a ride. Tears may or may not have been shed. I won't talk about what happens since that's the spoilery main draw, but I wholeheartedly recommend this series if you're a mystery fan. Just play in release order like I should have.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks
Just beat Phantom Hourglass a couple days ago, currently working my way through Spirit Tracks. Once you get past the forced stylus-controls-all interface, these games prove to be just as fun as any Zelda title. Linebeck is awesome in the first game, a true badass. I really enjoyed how this boss made use of DS hardware in a way unorthodox to Zelda. I wish more Zelda titles would experiment like this. Final boss was also nice. However, repeating the Temple of the Ocean King was not fun at all imo, not counting the final tour. Spirit Tracks seems to be an improvement in all areas, and so far the tower doesn't need to be re-explored every single time. I enjoyed train travel at first, but it's getting really old really fast. Those enemy trains are very annoying. Currently just beat the underwater temple place.
Feb 27, 2014
This was the year I finally got around to Majora's Mask and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, so there isn't really much to discuss. Both had been saddled for so long with reputations as quirky but technically iterative sequels to recognized masterpieces that in both cases I found myself overwhelmed with just how great they were in their own right, especially now that we have enough distance from their predecessors that their own merits are able to stand out.


Jan 25, 2014
InFAMOUS 2 by far. Not finished yet but it's been stunning so far.

I don't really know why I left it so long. I love this IP.


Feb 3, 2014
The ones that have stood out to me the most are:

Demon's Souls



I beat Demon's Souls early this year, hoping to get my hands on a little NG+ before I dive into Dark Souls. The Souls games didn't appeal to me much, but my friend gave me a copy of Dark Souls once I told him I was building a PC for the first time ever. I played about an hour of Dark Souls and loved it so much I put it down and bought Demon's Souls. Fantastic, unforgiving game. Community is still somehow quite active.

As for Okami, I I've only gotten just past
the slaying of Orochi.
During the aftermath I realized I was in a hell of a ride, so I decided it was a good stopping point for now. Will return to it next year at some point. The combat took some getting used to, and the game is overall pretty easy, but it's a lot of fun and a great Zelda clone. The pervy parts are a little unsettling...

And yes, I've never played the original Doom until this year. The game is fun as hell, and I can see it clearly had an influence on the N64's Turok. I'm not done with it yet, and blasting through all the demons hasn't gotten old yet.


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Apr 9, 2009
Funny enough, this is also my favorite LTTP this year. I enjoyed running around the world, and the soundtrack was fantastic. I think as an RPG it's the perfect length for someone who doesn't have time to put 100+ hours into a game. My biggest complaints are the design of the final dungeon and the fact that all the bonus content takes place in the same sewer system. Have you played part 2 yet?
Yeah I'm not messing with the DDS optional bosses. That Demifiend fight just looks ridiculous. It makes almost all optional Final Fantasy bosses look like baby toys, including Ozma from FFIX.

I'm gonna hold off on Part 2 to see if it gets announced digitally for PS4. It looks like we're getting PS2 games for PS4 at some point down the road.


Oct 28, 2015
Absolutely! Champion's Road was an awesome challenge to end the game with and I loved even that. It really was the final wrapping up that made it feel like I earned completing that game. My sisters couldn't finish Champion's Road, so I ended up having to do it with each character, not to mention it's easier solo without people possibly causing accidents.


Nov 16, 2014
I had at least three.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

A really challenging and rewarding game with incredible atmosphere. I went for the True Demon Ending my first try, and the final fight against
was a bit nerve wracking. And LONG. But it was so worth it in the end for that final image before the credits.

Mother 3

Played this on a flash cart with the translation patch by Tomato installed. Incredibly polished writing and localization and a game full of really emotionally resonant moments. It really feels like the ending to the franchise, and I cried right at the end. Really beautiful. Never could get the timing down while attacking during battles.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

This was the first time I ever played any of these games, and it was a pretty challenging brain teaser. Also really funny, and with memorable characters of all sorts. I played this as part of the trilogy on the 3DS and I plan on doing the others ASAP.
Aug 9, 2013

I used to have it on GBA years ago, but I wouldn't count that. I got a SNES last year some time, and I've just been playing through its library. I never cared for 2 much before, but playing it properly all the way through completely changed my mind. Fantastic game.
It is excellent. People be talking about Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World like they're the best 2d platformers period, but this game go up and beyond it. It has impeccable level design that challenges your reflexes and ability to analyze the stages. They also constantly give you something a little bit different to do in each level. You're never doing one thing for too long. The boss battles in here while they do fall in line with some of the same design tropes, that push it a little by making the take downs a bit more unique, adding challenge and more hits to take down. As I said earlier in my thread this year I believe the ghost bird boss to be the best one.

K. Rool at the end did challenge me quite a bit and had me on edge the whole time. It was so satisfying to take down. This is a game right here that you look at if you're having a bit of a creative stump or looking for guidance in how to make a well designed level. The music is also quite brilliant in this. David Wise did his thing on this one. This game is just so damn motherfucking good, I cannot see how anyone can dispute it? It's just impossible! The only flaw I could possibly see are minor like Tokens resetting after you turn the game off and perhaps the DK tokens, but other than expertly crafted by some damn skilled developers.

Like you, I didn't get the chance to play this all the way through when I was younger. It was too hard for my brother and I, but I decided to give it another go and it was inspiring. If I plan on making a platformer, for damn sure I'll be looking at this game as an inspiration. Good job Rare and crafting this piece.

Absolutely! Champion's Road was an awesome challenge to end the game with and I loved even that. It really was the final wrapping up that made it feel like I earned completing that game. My sisters couldn't finish Champion's Road, so I ended up having to do it with each character, not to mention it's easier solo without people possibly causing accidents.
Are you a god? I beat this back in February and still haven't beat that shit with one character and did this with all? I can't imagine beating that shit with Toad or Mario.


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Aug 3, 2015
I know there's a couple but Red Dead Redemption comes to mind. Never clicked with me years ago, but I had so much fun with it this year.

It all made sense when I stopped a train robbery, went exploring in a forest, and got surprise-attacked by a bear.


Oct 6, 2007
Beyond Oasis

It's like Zelda, but with combat more akin to a brawler like Streets of Rage. It's pretty good.

Unfortunately, there's this one really shitty platforming part in a game that clearly should not have platforming parts, and that made me quit. Oh well. I enjoyed it up to that point for the most part.


Feb 23, 2015
For me, going back and playing Demons Souls from start to finish was fantastic. Such an unbelievable good game, still so many ideas I wish other developers would copy.

I also played Brothers for the first time. Great story and great game. Highly recommend it.


Mar 25, 2010
I've played quite a few good ones. This is a very difficult choice. This year I played games like Xenoblade, Terranigma, Okage - Shadow King, Radiant Historia, Chrono Cross, Suikoden 2, and Final Fantasy XII for the first time.

If I had to choose... holy crap this is hard.


Feb 24, 2013
I don't normally play games LTTP as I usually know if something is worth trying when it comes out but techincally I was LTTP with The Binding of Isaac although it being the Rebirth Edition and being on console kinda negates this....sooo yea...The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (I think it came out this
Oct 19, 2007
Persona 4: Golden

Which quickly ranked as my favorite JRPG and in my top ten games of all time. Such awesome characters and an amazing journey. For a game to be so long and not let me get burnt out is truly amazing.

2nd place: Etrian Odyssey IV

My first EO game and loved it tho I may have over grinded in Misty Ravine. Not beaten, on the third stratum in 50 hours in or so but its been great exploring.


Nov 8, 2007
Assassins Creed Unity.

I let gaf bring me down when it came out... even as a huge AC fan, i felt Unity was fucked based on the gafhate.

I fucking LOVE it, just got it a month ago... and its super fun.



Dec 5, 2008
This is my pick, too.

Great writing, characters, easy to play over long stretches or in little bursts, cool weapons, heaps of fun both traversing and shooting, awesome bosses, etc, etc.

Loved pretty much everything about the game.


Apr 13, 2009
Costa Rica
The big one I did was Wind Waker HD, love it, gameplay, story, charm and graphics.

Then I have a long list I have been playing but not finished.

Metro 2033 Redux: after beating Wolfenstein TNO last year and loving it, Metro 2033 Redux has been good but the gameplay is a 7 for me, the environment, sense of exploration is top notch, as are the graphics and performance.

W101: what a ride of a game, even though I am struggling, this first playthrough is to learn to play the game, I may even need a second playthrough for that. But the game is incredible!!

Pikmin 3: loving this game, the gameplay is addicting, loving the graphics. Lots of replay value between mission mode and bingo MP mode.

Rayman Legends: lots of charm, great platforming and beatiful art.

SM3DW Crown World: playing 1-2 stages every now and then until I hopefully finish it.

FIFA 15: playing as manager every now and then.

Sleeping Dogs, Fallout 3 and Witcher 2 on the PC.

I am overwhelmed to be honest as I don´t have the time anymore. I think I will stick to W101 and Metro 2033, then Pikmin 3 and one of the PC games not sure which one, or i will get a new PS4 game. Going to pick up Captain Toad for Wii U on sale, see, I have a problem.

Oh man just looking at some of your entries I realized I still need to finish Metroid Prime 1-2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, LoZTP and Skyward Sword,

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Jun 25, 2014
I hit my back log hard this year, but Yakuza 2 best out everything. Just a perfect sequel in every regard that I loved every minute of.

Notable mentions: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Had members weren't lying when they said its be best SRPG ever.

The Yakuza series as a whole: A story driven beat em up with enough side content to keep you entertained for way too long.

999: The best visual novel I've played yet, constantly adding more intrigue and suspense with every new ending.
Sep 2, 2014
in no particular order

silent hill 2
just cause 2
fallout: new vegas

the last two years i have been going back and playing games i have missed out on, mgsV and bloodborne are the only games released in 2015 that i have played, but im really looking forward to just cause 3

Bitch Pudding

Oct 3, 2014
I'll join the club of Danganronpa 1+2 and Persona 3 and 4 Golden (Vita) LTTP Players. Played those 4 in this order and finished P4 Golden yesterday.

Both Danganronpa titles were extraordinary and I am really looking forward to playing part 3.

And then I played Persona 3 which blow my mind away. And when I thought playing games on my Vita cannot get any better I played Persona 4 Golden. What a ride.

Oh, and today I started FF X Remaster (Vita).


Aug 23, 2014
Manila, Philippines
This is easy for me: Shovel Knight, without a doubt.

I stuck it out for a physical PS4 version for collection purposes, ignoring it the many times it was on sale over on Steam. Was filled with immediate regret, the game is so fantastic that I was sorry for not having played it earlier.