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Bethesda On Starfield's Big, Empty Planets: Not Every Location "Is Supposed To Be Disney World"

you can aways FLY around a planet, imagine having the ability to FLY your space ship around the whole planet on a space game

Eric Wareheim Mind Blown GIF by Tim and Eric

Not every game let's you go around the planet like that. I'm just impressed that he took the time to show us how big they are by walking around it.


I mean you are not trying to actually PROVE the point....

smh, you've spent more time saying this, then actually proving anything....you are just saying "untrue" yet not really proving anything with actual facts, logic, evidence etc.

Sooooo yea, I want you to read very carefully what you just said....none of that shit has anything to do with "space" that has more to do with the fucking planet, then it does anything about space

Sir...you can do a lot of what you just stated in Metroid Prime, a game where clearly its not about you flying to different planets, merely being on a planet after a cut scene of a ship crashing, what you are talking about is exploring THE PLANET.

So this means the point stands. Space Exploration as far as I can see, is limited to raiding a ship you just disabled and its sounding like that pretty much is it.... if there is anything more that can be done in space to support "SPACE exploration" , you are not doing a great job at actually proving it

Nah, you keep resulting to making this a personal thing anytime someone makes a valid point about this fucking game.

I'm telling you this and I own the fucking game sir...

It's not my job to hold your hand during critical thinking exercises. If you don't think Starfield involves space exploration, you might be retarded.


What the fuck is this supposed to mean? Are you supposed to buy every game on a platform you own. What a stupid post. Worrying about buying a game….. JC
It means that I was excited about this game. So much so that I even considered buying an Xbox Series X.

Then the game came out and seeing how disappointing it is is one less game for me to worry about buying.

I'm going to get the new Armored Core with the money I would have spent on Starfield if Bethesda had released it on the PS5.


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but even if it was … theres nothing there….
What upsets me is not the finished game itself, it seems good, but the partisan nature of the mob that wrecked NMS at launch (until the Next expansion and then started to get quiet) because the planet were not actually physically rotating on their axis realistically and revolving around the star in the system and because full scale multiplayer was not there and it feels like the same people are giving these kind of statements a pass.

Similar gripe I have with DF’s tech review… when do games get judged against the potential of the platform they run in and their peers and when do they only get judged against games built for two generations of HW ago (Skyrim is an Xbox 360 / PS3 game)?
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